We're Back!

Hello everyone! We are back from our trip.. we got back a few weeks ago and have been recovering from the journey and playing catch up with all the things we had left behind. It was an exhausting journey but spiritually enlightening.. I wish I could share more but in all honesty I wouldn't even know where to begin.

The last few days I had been thinking about what I should write about in my first post back.. and while my initial intent was of course to keep it lighthearted unfortunately we don't live in a lighthearted world anymore. I'm not going to start talking politics but I do want to share two little stories.

While we were away my parents took the boys to Target. The lady at checkout was of Indian descent and when she noticed my family being of a similar background she spoke to my mother in her mother tongue asking my mother where she was from. What could have been a friendly exchange quickly turned into something ugly when the white lady behind my mom started to raise her voice at the Target employee, she yelled at her to speak in English and then of course the cliched 'Go back to your own country!' My parents not wanting to create a spectacle with the boys in tow stayed quiet and left. I feel anger, outraged in fact. How about that woman go back to her country? She can't claim.. no one can claim that America is their's except for the Native American. Everyone, everyone came from somewhere else.. England, Ireland, China, India, Mexico.. it is.. or at least was our diversity, our acceptance of others that made us so special, it made us The Land of Dreams.

A few days after I came back my 7 year old asked me a question.. my 7 year old needed confirmation.. he asked me 'Mummy I am American right?' 'HELL YES!' and how dare someone imply otherwise.

Another instance:
Just last week M and I along with the boys stopped to get gas. The white gas attendant asked my husband where he was from. 'Here' my husband answered. The simple question.. 'Where are you from?' is no longer simple.. for us colored folk it's a scary question. The man continued to push.. 'but which country are you from?' 'America' was our answer. 'I'm a citizen' my husband felt the need to add, we were starting to get uncomfortable.. but the man didn't seem to notice or care. He continued, 'Are you Muslim?' to which my husband responded 'Yes.' The gas attendant simply replied 'assalamualaikum' which is an Islamic greeting meaning 'peace be with you' and we sighed in relief.

The simple exchange should not have been so frightening.. it turned out to be harmless but it has stuck with me. I just can't shake it. So I am sharing it with you..

Next week I promise to go back to being a fun happy blog. Hope you all had a great summer.. are you ready for the fall? I sure am.

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Thanks for sharing your story. My family has experienced the same in the past. We need to learn to accept the differences in others. We are all beautiful.
Carrie said…
Some people are SO disrespectful and hateful. I am sorry that happened to you at Target. That should have never happened. I would be upset and mad, too, but you probably did the best thing avoiding that lady. I always try to avoid conflict. I had a man get mad at me once at the mall when my son accidentally bumped into his at the play area. Like he was really mad! I had my son apologize and we left, but it was not a situation I wanted to stay in. Angry people scare me! You just never know what kind of day they are having or what they'll do next, especially when your kids are with you!

I am so sorry that you had these uncomfortable experiences. I wish people would understand that not everyone is white that lives in America. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope people learn something from you.

Stefanie said…
Oh man, so sorry your boys and parents experienced that. WTH?! I'm sorry there wasn't anybody to speak up for them. Thank you for sharing.
As for your reading, I'm glad you have a good book and somewhere to escape to time to time.
Christina said…
It is lovely to see you back!

I am so sorry you and your family have been experiencing racial abuse. Nobody should have to experience this. I can imagine the discomfort and worry you and your husband must have felt at the petrol station, awful. There has been a surge of racism here lately, too and if frightens me. I am glad you are sharing these experiences, it is important to let people know how you feel and how uncomfortable situations like these are for you. There are plenty of people out there that don't understand how they make others feel and maybe stories like yours will open some minds. Education is the only way forward I believe, deconstructing ignorance one step at the time.

I'd love to her about your spiritual journey, if you'd like to share it. xx
Emmylou said…
It's totally such a sad world we're living in right now, Hena, especially with what is happening now in your country with your current president. What happened in Target..that is just ugly and also surreal at the same time. You don't think that people can be that bigoted and stupid, but yes....yes, there are still people like that, now more so than ever:(
Anvilcloud said…
Just be yourself. This was a good post.
Laura Mitbrodt said…
Ah how awful you are experiencing all of this. It makes me sick to think about and sad. I am so sorry
With love Alys said…
So sorry to hear you had this experience!

karen said…
I am sorry. Sometimes a few bad people end up ruining it. If you were near me I would would give you the biggest smile! Americans forget that EVERYONE is descended from immigrants unless you're American Indian. (grrr......).

Anyways I am glad you back, I've missed you!
Laura B said…
It's so sad that people act that way. They forget that their ancestors were once coming from another country too. I love all the different cultures and people you can find in America. I think that is what makes it beautiful. It breaks my heart when people forget to be accepting of all. They need to keep their rude opinions to themselves! I am sure if that woman was visiting another country and someone was being friendly to her and speaking English she wouldn't be complaining!!!
awhite said…
It makes me SO angry- the state of the world (well, the state of America) right now. We need to come together, and it's so hard with backward-thinking racists running around having their completely insane (and hurtful) views emboldened by the administration. :( Sending your beautiful family lots of love! And glad you're back safely from your adventure!

Le Stylo Rouge
Unknown said…
So sorry about you, we need to try understanding others. XO www.lachicadelamaleta.com
s said…
I AM SOOOO mad about this that is soooo ridiculous. Our world needs to come together not seperate each other. We are all humans breathing the same air on the same continent. There are kind people in the word and kindness overrules hate. Have hope in that. So sorry this happenned to you.


SHON said…
Welcome back!
Welcome back. I am sorry you have had some difficult and disheartening experiences.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style
Marie said…
Welcome home!! I'm so sorry to hear about these incidents. I don't get what is wrong with people. It's sickening and I'm sorry you and your family had to go through that.
Decor To Adore said…
I am so glad you are back and so sad you had such a frightening experience. We have a few wonderful Muslim friends and they do have to endure so much prejudice.
Welcome back! I’m sorry your family had to deal with such terrible experiences. Sadly our current “president” emboldens people to act this way. Take care.
sugarlens said…
Welcome back. Looking forward to your posts!
Glad you are back, but sorry your family is dealing with such terrible experiences.
Oh my gosh. What a horrible experience. I would report that situation at Target on the website. Seriously, they wouldn't be ok with employees of their brand acting that way (PERIOD), but also especially not in their stores!! That's absolutely unacceptable. I'm glad that the second situation turned out a relief in the end, but it is still not a nice conversation.. yikes. I am so incredibly disheartened by America, our government, and the way so many citizens have been acting. It's unacceptable. This country was built by immigrants, for immigrants, and as land for anyone. (and yes it was not ours to begin with!) Keep setting a strong example for your children. Show them that the ways to react to things like this are with love and compassion (even when it is not deserved! as it so often is not!) I'm so sorry that this is something you are dealing with, as well as so many others. :( Hugs, friend. XO - Alexandra

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