The Journey Begins - Karachi

this post was meant for last week but some error occurred and it disappeared and in the craziness that is life it took so long to re write it :(

Happy Labor Day my fellow American's... hope you are all enjoying your long weekend  

Flying to Karachi is a minimum 16 hour ordeal.. there are no direct flights either. We flew via Emirates with an hour and a half stopover in Dubai. I started planning weeks in advance.. not so much for once we landed but mainly for the 16 hours it would take to get there.. I was very nervous about the flight. I packed snacks, water bottle, candy in case of emergencies like a crying fit.. I also packed a book each, a coloring book for H those invisible ink ones, activity book for D, a bag of lego's and play doh.. my bag was full! Plus of course extra change of clothes for everyone and plastic bags.. D is our resident vomitter. 

Thank God some twenty hours later we were safely in Karachi.. I say twenty because we had some flight delays in Dubai. The boys were both pretty good... I didn't get much sleep since they both decided to adopt different sleep cycles.. H was all about the play doh and D couldn't believe that he was allowed unlimited screen time. Emirates proved once again what a great airline it is M would disagree since they lost one of his bags. The kids got special kids meals.. good ones, D my picky eater gobbled it up and they provided such fun kids activity packets.

And then I was home.. or what I once called home.. and the boys were bathed with attention and love and hugs and kisses.. :) they were under the weather on and off but we got through it and we all still had a lot of fun.

Cousin Reunion.. actually the last time they met two of them hadn't even been born

aww.. she is two months older than H

A mall day ending with dessert with M's sister and family.

it's a boys club

I can not think of anything cuter!

can you feel the love?

 watching the magic of liquid nitrogen ice cream 

with my mom's pet parrot

 playing dress up

bonding with one of my brother's goats.. yes my brother has goats.. never did I think i'd be saying that

with their nanu (my dad)

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  1. Anonymous9/05/2016

    Oh how fun! You were so well-prepared and I'm glad the airline was sensitive and keen to children's needs on board.

  2. Sounds like a great trip home. Glad everything went well! Great pictures.

  3. What a long flight! At least family makes it worth it :)

  4. Wow! I am always amazed of parents like yourself who can do these long flights with the kiddos. I'm chicken...the furthest I've ever gone with my kids is the 5-hour trip to Vancouver, and even then, I thought that flight was 5-hours too long:P

  5. Oh wow! What a trip and what a beautiful family. I'm sure a lot of memories were made!
    I do have to agree with the commenters above that you are a brave woman flying 20+ hours with two little ones. That is quite an undertaking and I'm so glad it went well.

  6. What an adventure, glad it all went well. Must have been fun seeing your loved ones!

  7. Idk how you did it--that long of a flight with kids! I remember 16 hour car trips as a kid, and we had no technology like now. I'm glad everyone had a great time there.I have never visited that part of the world.

  8. love these photos! hoping the flight went smoothly with all of those yummy snacks! cute goat too ;)

  9. 20 hours flight is quite a long time! I have never flown so many hours in a day, but at least everything went well despite the little delay and M's lost bags. Air traffic is still the most comfortable way to travel...imagine if we still had to travel by car everywhere, it would take us weeks to get someplace far.

    Nice to hear you enjoyed visiting your family. So cute that your brother has goats. I wanted to get a pet ghost but my husband isn't very excited about that idea plus we don't have much of a garden.

  10. That is a really long flight! Glad to hear you all made there safely and it looks like you and your boys had a lovely time with family!

  11. Travelling with kids, and such a long way! You are a hero! Your kids are lucky to have all these impressions and adventures.

  12. I will be traveling with the kids by myself this December when we go back to Taiwan for 3 weeks. I am looking for all the tips I can get!

  13. Oh man what a journey with the kids - 16 hours is tough for anyone - so glad you're done with that, for now!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  14. Loved the photos, all the kids are so cute! Have a great day! xo, Sophia from

  15. so sweet! I cannot imagine flying with little children for that are a living saint! I love the photo of the kids with your dad, that is frame-able!! I hope you have fun with your family :)

  16. You have a beautiful family! I loved seeing those sweet cousins love on each other!

  17. This is so, so sweet. You have a beautiful family and I know that your heart is so happy to have made a trip back to see them!

  18. Such sweet photographs! It looks like you and your family had a wonderful time. You can definitely see (& feel) the love.

    The Wanderful Soul Blog

  19. It looks like you had a wonderful time, Hena. I'm so glad you had the chance to go home and see your family and give the boys the chance to get to know them too. I give you so much credit making a trip like that alone with two little ones, you are supermom! :)

  20. What a wonderful time!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire



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