Autumn Food

To me autumn is all about apples, bread pudding, soup and other hearty warm treats that make my belly happy : )

Here are some of the things I'd like to make this fall

 pinterest these I already made. I substituted the beef for chicken and added some lettuce and avocado's.

pinterest Hoping to go apple picking soon and then make these. Though I'd minus the chocolate and add nuts. I like my caramel apples old school. 

 pinterest Go the ingredients.. hoping to make it soon.

 pinterest made this over the weekend. So good. 

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To The River said…
If only I could say the last photo is not my favorite;-) Right now I m searching for some recipe that include a pumpkin. I have a few very nice one and want to experiment.
p.s. since I don't know if I would be that much online in a few next days I want to wish u Eid Mubarak, have a beautiful and blessed one:) xx
Hena Tayeb said…
thank you very much for the Eid wishes.
I am of the minority that just doesn't get the hype about pumpkin, be it in a pie, bread or in my latte.
Great post
I've seen on Pinterest tacos with lettuce leaves as the shell. Tortellini soup with lots of melted cheese like French onion soup is a favorite.
I make pumpkin chili, adding pumpkin and carefully seasoning to taste. The Pumpkin flavor can overwhelm the chili balance.
Diana said…
God these are wonderful things. I'm so hungry now.....
Will you invite me over for dinner then? :). Everything looks delish. I love fall/cool weather foods. It just takes us longer to enjoy the since our cool weather doesn't arrive until much later. I've made those cookies with the chick peas, and warm they're quite good.
Hena Tayeb said…
mm french onion soup is always a winner
Hena Tayeb said…
Always welcome..
though I haven't had the courage to make most of them yet.. I have had a broken dishwasher for over a month now and dish washing is not something this pregnant lady looks forward too
today my way said…
My autumn favourites are soups and mushrooms. And hot cocoa. I love your picks. And chocolate xx
Jane said…
definitely soup. so comforting. and the last pic. that looks so so good. yum.
Susannah said…
These recipes look so good! I love fall food! :-)
Caroline said…
Fall food is definitely my favorite - so comforting and warm!
joiedevivre said…
mmmmm soup soup soup it all looks so good! I LOVE to make soups in the fall!!
Mmm those tacos look yummy!
Jackie said…
Yummm I just got hungry looking at all of those yummy recipes! I need to start cooking!
Unknown said…
Oh, yum! The soups look so delicious! I have been craving soup even though it is still pretty hot here. It's my way of making fall come sooner!
Unknown said…
Oh, yum! I would love to try those soups!
joanne said…
ah, those are things we all would like to make. great ideas !

beina said…
I'm so inspired by these photos!!!
I think you're going to have a very yummy fall!
Anastasia said…
delicious food!!! very tempting...its almost Summer here in Australia - looking forward to lots of yummy salads!
Share a Secret said…

Mmm - I love the look of the soup - perfect for chilly days!
Unknown said…
so much yummy food! lovely blog!

Stella said…
Now you made me hungry, all of them look so delicious!
Stella from a A Shiny Place
Laura Jones said…
ugh, these look so good! and i am so hungry that looking at these is torture, haha. x
Shoko said…
yum!! that last cookie looks insane.
s said…
beef and bean oven tacos??? i must try this asap. xO!

I've been wanting to try the nachos too!
Unknown said…
Whatever that tortellini and mushroom is, looks like heaven! :)

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