I came close how a few times but never quite made it. It was funny just how close I would get.. I would get the post ready and the next day i'd be down a few numbers again.. but last week I finally crossed the 500 mark, over 500 Facebook Fans and I am here to share the love with a giveaway. One 4x6 signed limited edition photograph.

What do you need to do?
Go on over to my Website and pick out the photograph you would like to win.
Be a fan on my Facebook page and leave the name of the photograph of your liking on my wall.

I'll pick the winner on the 12th of April. All entries must be received by Wednesday April 11th.


Sissy said…
Love this photo! I bet it looks amazing on a bigger scale!
I had a really hard time choosing! I LOVE your photographs! I think I'd get "Starlight Star bright" -it's so beautiful! I'm a Facebook follower. :)
Fly Anyways.x said…
Love love love your piccys :)

I am a new facebook liker :)


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