Bethenny Frankel's Gift

As I announced last week... I have had the very good fortune to be included in an exclusive celebrity gifting. I have been choose as one of the handmade artists who will be able to send Bethenny Frankel something.

This has been an opportunity I have been waiting for and my name was finally picked and I was over joyed and then that joy turned into nervousness with the big question looming over me 'What to give?' So I held a little vote here on the blog.. it was too close to call and instead of picking from the six photographs I had originally narrowed it down to some suggested other photographs they liked and thought we better suited. My brain was all over the place.. 

This is what I finally settled upon. Gone. Why? I don't know. I slept on it and when I woke up this was the photograph that was on my mind. It was mounted over the weekend and I mailed it on Monday.. it should be in the company of all the other wonderful gifts by now..

On another note.. I sold Mary, Go Round to a fellow Garden Stater. Thank You!

And congratulations to the lucky giveaway winner Tahera Mustafa! She choose the beautiful autumn photograph Growth

Let's Stay Connected, Shall We?


it looks pretty awesome, I hope she really likes it, I love it!
Hena Tayeb said…
Thank you Patricia.. I hope so too
Fly Anyways.x said…
Wooow! :) Super awesome. Love the picture!!
krugthethinker said…
Congratulations! Gorgeous photograph too! I love the composition and the contrast of light and dark.
Hannah said…
This is so sweet! Awesome choice.
European Chic said…
Congratulations! I have no diea who Bethanny Frankel is but she is lucky to get a present from you.

Many greetings from Paris!
It's a fabulously intriguing photo - I'm having fun imagining who the room is waiting for, or what scene will play out next in there. She will surely love it!
RitaSunderland said…
What a lovely choice and what a beautiful photography! I'm happy for you that you got this opportunity.
Anonymous said…
It is a lovely photo -- great choice! Sometimes we just need to sleep on the decision. ;)

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