A Line a Day.. Journaling

Just before the start of last year, I stumbled upon this post by Design Sponge for a Calendar Journal.  I immediately knew this was something I wanted to do just without all the cutting and loose index cards. I liked the idea but the execution was not something that would fit into my life. I could just imagine D having his fun with the index cards, stuffing them into the vents. Yes, that is his new hobby. : )

So as of 2011 I started my one line a day journal. I liked the idea of one line.. you really had to sort through the events of the day and focus on one. It was your choice if you chose to remember a fight or the making up ;) It made me smile everyday before bed as I ran through the images of the day.. well almost everyday.. there were as there always are bad days too. 

In all my excitement I forgot to check how many pages my little notebook had.. and also forgot that I had used this notebook before and had torn out a few pages. My notebook ended in the middle of December, which was not going to work. Obviously. Who would buy another notebook? Who was going to fill in all those pages again with the events of the year passed? So I added the last few pages myself. It was all fine until I reached those pages and they start to tear out.. this notebook wasn't going to last me years to come.. this one was barely holding on to dear life by the end of it first year. I needed a new journal and so the search began. 

In the end I didn't go handmade, though I wanted to.. I really did. And such a beautiful collection of journals as you can see above. I was on Pinterest scrolling through all the beautiful eye candy when I found this little journal that was exactly what I needed.. down to the cover. And it just arrived this morning and it is even more beautiful than the photograph. I can not wait to filling in my line a day..

In hindsight I am glad my little notebook fell apart. Else I would never have found this one.

Do you keep a journal? What do you love most about keeping a journal or diary?
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  1. Thank you for including one of my journals.

  2. I love this, one line a day is such an amazing idea.

    Thanks for stopping by, and laughing I meant it as funny, but he is nice to look at.

    Happy Monday

  3. I have a thing for Moleskin notebooks. I love their simplicity and the fact that you can choose a line or grid layout for the inside.

  4. I love journaling.... although my blog has taken its place. I loved filling the pages with words and doodles and little keepsakes. It was so cathartic.

    And I love getting a new journal. The empty pages are always SO inspiring! That red bird one is adorable.

  5. thank you for stopping be and leaving me such a sweet comment! :)
    i lovee lovee lovee journaling! its such a nice window to look into the past :D
    as much as i love blogging, there's something really personal about sitting down
    with a pen and paper at hand and just pouring out your thoughts!

    can't wait to hear more from you!

    - tiana of l'esthetique

  6. I love the one you chose! I used to keep written journals until I got a hold of a pc. Thanks for reminding me how cool they are, I think I'm going to start one myself.

  7. What a great idea and certainly the perfect journal...you've given me inspiration to do this myself!!

  8. Lovely! great idea, a line a day! I keep a couple of journals in my bag at all times... a sketching journal and a writing journal, though I very often write in the sketching journal and vise versa. Thank you for including one of my journals here!

  9. love yours!! sometimes there just isn't enough time for handmade :)

  10. These journals only want me to write even more!
    I LOVE the red one with the blue bird! Sooo pretty.
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog! <3
    Follow eachother? :)

    Much love, Vivi

  11. I used to keep a journal & seeing this post makes me wanne keep one again :)

    Have a lovely day!

    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  12. Hey Hena! Thanks for stopping by to see me :) I love this idea, I don't keep a journal right now.
    Would love to have you as a follower & I'm happy to follow you back xoxo

  13. These are adorable journals! I love the first one with the illustrated flowers!


  14. nice notebooks, your blog is so lovely by the ways, i will be visiting again very soon :)


  15. I love these notebooks! Great pictures!!!

    Should we follow each other!


  16. all these notebooks are absolutely adorable! I love moleskins, but I also love these lesser known more personal notebooks as well!
    thanks for your lovely comment, visit again!

  17. i really love that idea of writing one sentence a day. it boils things down to the most significant item. and how great that they make a journal specifically for that!


  18. Wow these are all gorgeous! I've tried keeping journals before but find I just don't have the dedication for it. Good luck with yours though :)

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  20. Nice notebooks!


  21. Nice pics!


  22. I used to keep a daily journal on my computer... I found it very therapeutic.


  23. Loving what you post! Now following on bloglovin', follow back if you like :)




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