And the bad news just keeps on coming.. with some good mixed in

So it all started a few months ago when my mother's visa gets denied and she can no longer come visit me when the baby arrives. Then I get gestational diabetes (which I learned I have a very borderline case and should not be too much of a very) nevertheless I have to prick myself and test my blood sugar levels 4 times a day. And then last night we find out that my in-laws also got denied visa's.

But then again every dark cloud has a silver linning.. and so does mine. All this time I was sad for being far from home and no one being able to come to be with me and share with me this amazing experiance. All this time I missed not being surrounded by my family, my girlfriends, the girls I grew up with. But what I failed to see was the new friends I have made over the last two years. I also discovered that my dear husband will never fail to surprise me. My secret desire was to have a baby shower, but I wan't going to say it out load, it defeats the purpose. And thank god I didn't because on Saturday what was supposed to be a simple dinner party turned out to be a dream come true.. yes, you guessed it a Surprise Baby Shower. It was exactly what I needed. Perfect!

Now some shop talk.. just this week I introduced a new section, a new product to my Etsy Shop. Art Prints! Here's a sneak peak of what I've listed so far Alphabet which is available in a variety of colors.


and many more yet to come. And I have also posted a few more new photographs On the Way Down

Looking Up

Radial Points

So this is to all those people with a dark cloud following them or hovering over their heads. I hope you find your silver lining soon.

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Athena. said...

oh, beautiful, i hope everything gets so much better. chin up, darling ♥

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