Poked and Prodded

As you all know I flunked my first glucose test by a mere point. Turns out I should have fasted, which I did not because no one told me.. alos turns out that i'm not the first person to make that mistake. My husband's co-worker was not told either but based on my experiance she will. Oh well what is done is done, yesterday I went in for my 3 hour test. And it was no fun.. I returned with a sore arm, so sore I could barely do anything.. hubby became my su chef and loaded the dishes for me and had to even help me undress and dress. Comparatively better today but still in pain.
Hopefully when I go to see my Dr. next week she will give me good news and tell me that I passed the test.

Now in better news, we finally bought paint for our baby to be's nursery 'Lemon Pound Cake' haven't painted the room yet but I'm sure it'll look just as yummy as it sounds. We also couldn't help ourselves and bought the cutest most tiniest towel robe, some cute bibs and the crib bedding. I would love to post pictures but the baby's sex is a secret and the last thing I need is my mom stumbling over my post and finding out what i'm having.. so picture will just have to wait. But I assure you it is all so cute.. i could just sit and stare at it all day. : )

And now for some photography..some new

Down the Rabbit Hole

Color Me Rainbow



and some not so new...
Flower Maker

Islamic Pattern


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My Owl Barn said...

I am so sorry to hear about the test. I hope you get a good news next time you visit your doc. The nursery's color does sound delicious! Have a great weekend!

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