The not so good news

Had a doctor's appointment today, was going to find out if I passed my glucose test or not.. well drum roll please... I Failed! Did not expect that. I am not over weight, I have not gained to much baby weight, have no family history of diabetes etc.. so I was shocked. Now I have to follow a diet plan and no sweets! That is going to be so hard.. sweets are my achilles heel and I was quite anti sweets early in my pregnancy and even that struck me as odd.. also have to cut back on my fruit intake.. I love fruit! The next few months are not going to be easy.. but what scares me more is that fact that I have a greater chance of having gestational diabetes in any other pregnancies I may have as well as the chance of becoming diabetic 5-10 years down the line. Not stressing out.. I will not stress out.. deep breaths.. hehe hoho..

In better news.. the nursery has been painted..and it looks wonderful.. can't wait to start getting in some furniture and cute baby accessories.

Also have some more work up in my shop.. can't believe it but the shop is brimming with 71 photographs and still have so many more to post. I am also busy working on a new section, art prints which I will start putting up soon too.. trying to be extra productive before baby comes.


Heaven's Web

Light the Way Home

Colors Filtered

Inner Peace

That's all for now.. if any of you out there have gone through gestational diabetes would love some tips and words of wisdom. Though I'm hoping none of you ever had to go through with it. Take Care.


Cathie Joy Young said...

Hang in there ~ concentrate on the present.
Good thoughts :)

SirenOfFire said...

Aww I'm so sorry...hang in there though! You are doing the right thing for you and the babe. :)

Sara said...

Sorry to hear about the health issues, hena! Way to not get stressed about it though-- that's impresive! I'll be praying for you. :)

Juliette Crane said...

Thanks for finding me on twitter, Hena! Stay positive! And definitely use this time to treat yourself in other ways, even if it can't be sweets. I really adore your photography. There is such emotion in these up-close shots. You are super inspiring!
Best wishes!

Punctuation Mark said...

nice images... i just posted my images of the stained glass at the national cathedral... have a great weekend!

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