Legoland - New York

This past year a brand new Legoland opened up in Upstate New York. It was not something that was really on our radar. We have done a Legoland in Florida when the kids were really young and even then we weren't that impressed. I mean sure it's cool that everything is made out of Legos and the Miniland is definitely wow worthy but the rides are just meh, especially for older kids. 

H was only one when we last went so he complained that it was not fair since he was too young to remember.. and he really is a LEGO lover.. so we thought okay.

And then as if it was meant to be.. T-Mobile was offering 50% off tickets.. that just sealed the deal.

The brand new Legoland is in Goshen, New York. They have a hotel on premises as well. 

Here we are in Florida, 2015. D was five and H a wee little one. You can read more about our trip here

It was a nice sprawling space, masks required in all indoor spaces.. we didn't eat there so can't comment on the food. The rides and activities were geared towards a younger crowd nonetheless it was a well spent day. 

The Miniland really is my favorite. 

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Lovely said…
Looks like a fun day! The throwback picture is cute!
Jennifer said…
This looks like fun!

Curated By Jennifer
Every kid's dream! Love the big croc!
karen said…
Your son should be a lawyer he had an excellent argument for going :) Looks like fun! I have ALL of my son's legos up in the attic and there is a TON. Hopefully when he has a home with a basement he will cart all of it there.
Kelly said…
I'm always fascinated by LEGO stuff! My son is 32 and still has all his LEGOs.
Sounds like a fun place to visit, Hena! I'm sure the kids enjoyed it enormously. I guess I would have been quite enamoured with Miniland too! xxx
Red Rose Alley said…
Legoland looks so fun for the kids. My son would have loved this at their age, as he used to play with Legos all the time and make creative things.
I like the rides they are going on in the shape of Legos. Those are cute pictures of your sons with the animals' mouths wide open. Sounds like you had a great time.


ps.....Oh my, the squirrels come sit on your deck and watch you eat breakfast!! They get pretty close to my neighbor also, but I try to shooo them away all the time. They keep coming in my front yard and scurrying up and down the tree and looking for pine nuts on the ground. ; )
Liz A. said…
Glad you had a good day. At least it wasn't a long trek for you. There's a Legoland in San Diego, but I've never been.
Jyoti said…
This looks like so much of fun! Lovely post dear!
That looks like a fun fall family outing!
bread&salt said…
What a beautiful autumn trip Dear friend! We watched "The Lego" movie in the cinema. But, according to photos you shared in this post. You played as an actor in Lego play-garden there. Thanks for the review,
Christine said…
I bet they had a blast, didn't know they had a Legoland New York. We went with our kids when the first US one opened in California many years ago, my kids enjoyed so much. They are adults now
Ginny Hartzler said…
What a fun place to go! And so many creations to see. I would love to visit one myself.
My son is a teenager and he still loves lego. We went to one the one in San Diego several times. Love the mini land too!
Polly said…
I love Legoland. Looks like you had a great time.
Emmylou said…
That Miniland is so awesome! When we were in Florida, we did want to go to Legoland but ran out of time. This one in NY looks awesome though:)
Now that's a good deal. It's incredible what they can create out of legos, isn't it?
Jeanie said…
It looks like a fun time -- and some remarkable lego sculpture!
Janie Junebug said…
How the kiddles doth change and grow. I have millions and billions and trillions of Legos because my children loved them. I am not yet able to part with them.

My son was pretty obsessed with Legos when he was around your boy's ages. We always meant to take him to the Legoland in Florida but always ended up getting distracted by the bigger theme parks and running out of time. It definitely looks like a fun time for younger kids.
Veronica Lee said…
This looks like so much fun!

Happy Tuesday, Hena!

Looks like a fun day!
awhite said…
Legoland- how fun! I used to be so into Legos as a kid!

Le Stylo Rouge
50% off tickets is a good deal and it looks like you all enjoyed a nice fun day there.
What an amazing place - and the smiles say it all.
Debbie said…
i heard about this opening but we have not been. i need to hijack a few kids so i don't feel out of place!!

looks like a ton of captured some great moments. LOVE the family photos...could maybe be your christmas card!?!?
Laura B said…
That is pretty neat! All of the lego sculptures are so cool!
Oh neat! We used to go Legoland when the kids were little... we went to the one in Kansas City. It was mostly indoor with some indoor rides!

We really want to go to Legoland in LA/San Diego. Looks like a lot of fun.
iamperlita said…
How fun! I am glad you were able to visit! I have a Legoland a few hours away from me and I haven't visited yet! Have a great week!
PerlaGiselle |
I wish this Legoland was here when my children were young as they would have loved it! It would be nice if they had a few more rides for older children but the displays are fascinating for all ages. So much work goes into making them.
R's Rue said…
Looks good
Linda Stoll said…
just too absolutely fun!

Sugar Lane said…
I love visaiting the lego store in New York, so I'm sure I would love this!
I hope you all had a good time there,
Have a great weekend,
Amy Johnson said…
Oh wow! it looks incredible! I've never been to a Legoland. We have a Legoland area in the Mall of America near where I live, but nothing this extravagant of course.
Mica said…
It looks like a lot of fun! I wish that we had a Legoland in Australia, the kids would love it, they are Lego mad!

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) We are enjoying our long weekend. A beach day, playdate, carnival and a lot of time in the playground!

Away From The Blue
Red Rose Alley said…
I like the spider webs on your front lawn and the pumpkins on your porch. And that cake roll looks amazing. I want a piece with my coffee right now. It was nice for you to show us what your son did with the white pumpkin he got. It DOES Look a bit sweet. The dirt cup is a creative idea as well. And your husband is busy in the kitchen joining in on the fun. Oh, how I remember all those Halloween's when the little ones went trick-or-treating.

I had to see this Legoland in New York once again. It is so cool. Would be great for a kid to visit there.

I hope November brings you many pleasant surprises. ; )


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