D Turns 11

D turned eleven last week. And we had  a little party. 

As per tradition we bought our plain white butter cream chocolate cake from Wegmans and decorated it ourselves. The theme was water tag.

It was the perfect sunny day and the kids had a blast

We sorta dropped the ball on taking a picture of the cake cutting.. I had to take a screen shot of a video.

Each kid went home with a water gun, some water balloons and a couple of snacks. All in all a good day and most definitely D's last organized birthday party. phew. 

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Lovely said…
Happy Birthday D! Sounds like he had a wonderful celebration!
Jennifer said…
Happy birthday to him!!

Curated By Jennifer
Jeanie said…
What a happy day! Happy birthday, D!
Kelly said…
It sure looks like it was fun and a beautiful day to be outside! He'll be a teenager before you know it!!
Happy Birthday, D! Looks like a fun party! Nice swag bag for the guests too!
Happy birthday to D! And what a fun party he had. Decorating one's own cake is a wonderful idea, too. D must have been chuffed to have his grandparents at his birthday party too! xxx
Happy Birthday D! Looks like a great time celebrating your son!
Janie Junebug said…
Happy Birthday, D! The cake turned out well.

Martha said…
What a fun day for all - Happy Birthday D! :)
What a great idea! I hope D had a wonderful day :)
That looks like the perfect summer party!
Liz A. said…
Happy birthday, D. Looks like it was fun. And video is perfectly acceptable for a cake cutting. Taking pictures too would have been too much.
Christine said…
Happy Birthday to D!
Marie Smith said…
Happy birthday to your sweet boy! It looks like he had a great day!
Veronica Lee said…
Happy Birthday to D! Looks like everyone had a great time!
Happy birthday to him! That cake is so fun.

Happy Birthday D!
It looks wonderful - and the water pistol was the icing on the cake (literally AND figuratively).
Polly said…
What a great party. I like the cake.
Happy birthday!!! What a great idea to decorate the cake yourself!!
Red Rose Alley said…
What a fun birthday party! Everything is wonderful, and you made it extra nice by giving the kids favors to take home. The birthday cake looks so Yummy, and it was nice that he could decorate it himself. Your yard looks green and groomed for his special day. What a wonderful birthday celebration. Thanks for sharing. I do miss those parties when the kids were little, and oh, we had the most unique themes each year. Yours was fantastic!

I love how you bought the cake then decorated it. Good idea and it turned out great. Happy birthday to him!

Looks like a great Birthday! I bet he loved it and good job with the cake!

Allie of
Emmylou said…
Belated happy birthday to D! Looked like such an awesome party:)
Aww, Happy Birthday to your son! Looks like such a fun party and it's just so great to see kids playing together and have a great time, especially after so much isolation with the pandemic.
Evi Erlinda said…
Happy Birthday to D!
Beautiful cake decoration!
Everyone looks cheerful on his party.
Mariann Yip said…
Happy birthday to him! Everyone looks cheerful at his party.
Lots of Love: Mariann Yip
R's Rue said…
Happy Birthday D. Looks like a fun day. That cake looks delicious.
Laura B said…
Happy Birthday to your son!
bread&salt said…
Very very Happy Birthday to you D! Enjoy.
It looks like D had a really great birthday!
What a fun party! Happy Birthday to your son!

Jill - Doused in Pink
Sakuranko said…
Happy Birthday
looks like he had a great day
Amy Johnson said…
Awww, happy birthday to the little guy! Looks like a fun day.

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