Today both kids have gone to full day in person school! I am excited. They, not so much. They were loving the comforts of home far too much. Lunch and recess will be very different and they expressed their disappointment but that was expected. With the weather nicer outside they will at least be able to go outside even if they can't access the playground. 

We are at the tail end of Ramadan.. just eight more (rozas) fasts to go. It's not really about the hunger but it is about the food. We take for granted how much joy food brings us.. the day just feels empty without the smells and tastes of food. 

H lost his first tooth

and D had his first visit with an orthodontist.. his mouth is suffering from overcrowding. The doc prescribed him a treatment plan using Invisaligners. As a braces kid, I am envious. Braces were horrible. Though I am concerned about him taking them off in school.. firstly, the hygiene, I would be insane to expect my ten year old to wash his hands before sticking them in his mouth.. ugh. Gross. But here hoping?! Secondly, I hope he doesn't lose them. And the list of things mom's have to worry about just grows.

Have you heard of Kim's Convenience? I am always looking for light shows to watch during the day.. I like having something on in the background while I fold laundry and do other tedious jobs. This was such a great find. Sitcoms these days have no heart or originality. This one has it all. And it reminded me so much of my parents and our life growing up as children of immigrants who owned a convenience store. My parent's also never closed the store.. 7am-7pm 7 days a week. Meaning we never went on vacations. We didn't live above our store.. we were a car drive away but our school was across the street and my brother and I spent all of our time at the store until my mom went home a couple hours earlier to get dinner started. My parents sold the store when I was ten so my memory of it is a little fuzzy but I remember the hard life my parents had though all that time they spent working together made them so much closer then all my other friends parents. 

Another great sitcom with a lot of heart is Superstore. The series ended just this year and it was such a treat. Such a brilliant cast of characters. 

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Jennifer said…
I've heard great things about Kim's Convenience

Curated By Jennifer
We are big "Kim's Convenience" fans too. One of Canada's best sitcoms! Did you know fans are called "Kimbits" after Tim Horton's donut holes called "Timbits"? "Kim's Convenience" ended recently after a 5-year run. The actor who plays the son is going to be Marvel's first Asian superhero, Shang-Chi, in a movie coming out this fall, I believe.
karen said…
We've been watching Kim's Convenience and it is fantastic! Thanks for the other recommendation. How about that - in person school and a lost tooth!!
That's great about school! I started Superstore but didn't finish it. My daughter just discovered it and watched the whole series and loved it so I have to go back to it. I will check out the other one. It sounds good too!
Martha said…
Good luck with the back to school time and the Invisaligners. I had braces when I was a kid too, they were awful! I'll be sure to check out those shows. I have a hard time finding anything I'm interested in on TV these days.
Kelly said…
Even the braces my kids wore were very different from those I had (back in the Dark Ages)! I hope the Invisaligners are a good alternative!
Christina said…
By coincidence we stumbled upon Superstore and watched the first two episodes. It is funny. Will check out if The Convenience Store is on Netflix.
Fingers crossed those invisaligns don't get lost. To be honest, the older the children get, the more worries are added to the list of mum worries....

Happy last week of Ramadan x
I was a braces kid too, so I'm hearing you! I'm also hearing you on the endless list of worries a Mum can have, even if I haven't got children myself. I hope the Invisaligners do their job - and won't get lost!
I hadn't heard of Kim's Convenience, but it's a great tip, I'll check it out! xxx
Rach said…
That's great that the kids are back to in-person school! I also love Superstore!! I'm so sad that that is cancelled but every season was so enjoyable!
Red Rose Alley said…
Haven't heard of these shows, but have been watching different shows on Netflix lately. Oh, your boy lost his first tooth, that's a special occasion! I've heard of Invisaligners. I also had braces, and that would have been nice to have back in the day. It's always a pleasure to see what's happening in your world. I hope your boys do well back in school now.

Happy month of May.

Billie Jo said…
So glad your kids are back at school!
And braces. Yes!
I had them for four years back in the day!
Have a good week, my friend!
Oh that is exciting news! But yeah I bet the kids are less thrilled. Ugh I know don't think about it, kids will be kids!

I had braces too but in my teens I got a late start as we could not afford them and same issue I had too many teeth for my mouth, even had to have 4 teeth pulled to make room before the braces.

Allie of
Awww, I hope your boys settle into their new routine pretty soon. I'm curious to hear how your son does with the Invisalign. My son has the overcrowding issue too and we've been considering Invisalign but have the same concerns you do.
Laura B said…
I've never heard of Kim's Convenience but it sounds so cute! Thanks for sharing!
bread&salt said…
I have heard many things about the Kim's Convenience. Thanks for the informative post. Glad to hear that your kids go to school. We are in lock down. Hope to our kids go to school soon.
Liz A. said…
They may hate going back to school, but they'll soon get into the swing of things. I'm sure they missed being out, if they admit it or not. The half hour comedy show I tell everyone about is Ted Lasso. It's on Apple +, so pretty much no one can see it, but it's brilliant. He's so nice, and the humor comes from there. It's rare to find a show where you just like everyone (well, almost).
That's impressive that they would do the Invisalign on a 10 year old. You know I'm a retired dentist, right?? I know back when I was working, it was reserved for kids over 16 because compliance is the key.
Veronica Lee said…
I've never heard of Kim's Convenience.

Glad to hear that your kids are back in school, Hena.

Our covid cases are rising again and we're back to square one.
Penghuni 60 said…
thank you for sharing
I hope your fast is fine until the day of victory
Hooray for getting back to school.
And good luck with the Invisaligners. I am pretty sure your hygiene concerns are right.
Nancy Chan said…
Good that the kids are back in school. Over here, most school have to close because of Covid cases.
Yes it seems like parents are more excited about kids going back to schools than the kids themselves. They'll probably be fine once they get used to it again.
I have never heard of that show. I will have to look into it. Yay for another tooth lost. That is so exciting for your kids to be back in school full time.
So happy the kids are in school! Thanks for sharing these shows.
Emmylou said…
Aaaaaw,,,,H looks so cute:) And both my middle child and youngest got braces this year.'s not fun at all. The funny thing was, my daughter was so excited to get braces at first but she hates it now! LOLZ...and Kim's Convenience, as the others have said, is big here in Canada. I haven't seen it myself but I have a friend who really loves it. Too bad it's ending soon:(
Mica said…
it's so good your kids are finally back at school! it must have been so hard for them with a year of online learning! I'm glad we just had the 6 weeks of no school last year, I couldn't have coped with working from home and doing online learning for any longer, it was a struggle! :)

I have seen a couple episodes of superstore and enjoyed it! Kim's convenience is in my watch list too but I get so little time for Netflix - I have a longer watch list than I will ever have time for, haha!

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From The Blue
I need to check out Kim's Convenience. I went through Invisalign 3 years ago. I have some posts on it. Let me know if you have any questions. My kids had a hard time adjusting back to in person school, too. Now, my husband will be going back in a couple months in the office and I know that will be an adjustment for him, too!

Braces were horrible for me but my kids didn't seem to be bothered by them nearly as much. Congrats to your little one for losing that first tooth!
Janie Junebug said…
The smile of a youngster who has lost a tooth is adorable. This is the first I've heard of Kim's Convenience. I'll see if it's available through one of my streaming apps.

Debbie said…
awwww, such a cute smile with a lost tooth!! it is nice that your boys enjoyed being homeschooled, my great nieces were so happy to go back to school, perhaps you made being home too fun and comfortable, in a very good way!!
Evi Erlinda said…
Ooops! Missing one tooth!
Love the big smile!
Stefanie said…
Fun smile! We loved Kim's Convenience; we were sad to learn it won't have any more seasons. I used to find it phenomenal how fasting worked for Ramadan. I just realized recently that I almost do the same thing but my time frame is of course different/way earlier but I still fast 24 hours.

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