Art on Stuff with Society6

I sat a long while trying to think of what to write about but with nowhere to go and nothing to do there is not much to share. 

So while I don't use the blog to do a lot of blatant self promotion except for the occasional Friday Photography posts, I am doing it now. Ready?

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Jennifer said…
Love all of these!

Curated By Jennifer
Jeanie said…
Studio 6 does an amazing job. I'm so impressed with their quality and have ordered both coasters and totes from them. These are just lovely. Some of the designs are especially perfect for the surface they are on.
My fave is your picnic blanket!
Kelly said…
There are some beautiful things here! I especially like the picnic blanket.
These are all absolutely incredible, Hena, I am truly lost for words! My favourites: the backpack and the credenza! xxx
I don't think I've ever looked into this company. How fabulous.
Wow, everything is so beautiful. I really love the credenza and the phone case.
Laura B said…
These are all so fun! I love that phone case!
Veronica Lee said…
The Bright Spring Summer Floral Print Coffee Table is my favourite! So pretty!
Let's Curry said…
The collection is beautiful and I loved the iPhone mosaic case.

Emmylou said…
Love all these, Hena, esp. the coffee table and the backpack:D Thanks for sharing, and hope you are all keeping safe!
PS Thanks for the heads up about Upload. Imma gonna add it to my to-check-out list:)
These are all awesome! I especially love that back pack!
Rach said…
These are all so cool!
That phone case is so cool! You are so talented with your photography.
Red Rose Alley said…
That is one of the most original back packs I've seen, very cool. I hope you continue to do your Friday Photography posts. I delight in them, and love to see all your unique and wonderful photos.

awhite said…
Oh hey there, super talented lady! I love that Society6 gives a place for small business creators to sell their goods!

Le Stylo Rouge
Those are all so cool. I love abstract art like this!!!
Sakuranko said…
Oh very nice items
Debbie said…
unique, pretty art!! i like the folding stool and the wall hanging. are these items that you made??
Cool! I've never shopped on Society6 before but heard they are great for creatives.
I didn't know you were an artist! Wow, these are all so beautiful! That pink and green flowers and vines wall hanging is my fave!

Stefanie said…
It's so neat how a vivid photograph can transform an object.
Lovely said…
I love the backpack! All these artworks are beautiful!
iamperlita said…
These are also beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Have a great week!
PerlaGiselle |

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