Things have been busy around here..
About two weeks ago we celebrated the Islamic New Year. Afterwards we observed 10 days of mourning for the atrocities committed against Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet in Karbala, Iraq during the month of Moharram. 

It's practically September now.. meaning school will be starting soon. For now our school district has proposed a hybrid system. You have the choice of opting for 100% virtual learning, the rest of the students have been divided into two groups. Half of them will attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays while the other half will attend school on Thursdays and Fridays.. Wednesday everyone will stay home. September will also be a month of half days just to see how things go.. We have opted to send the kids to school for two days a week. We're not sure what to expect exactly, wouldn't be surprised in the school decides to go virtual even before it starts.. or if everything shuts down again within a few weeks. And we do all have the option of switching to virtual if we don't feel comfortable with the way things progress.. so anything could happen. Just 8 more days to go.

Just before all the craziness begins we are going away for a couple of days.. we have rented a house upstate and we have been counting down the days for this getaway.. praying for good weather and lots of sun. 

A little something the boys and I did

And a weekend adventure.. the Tree Top Adventure Course at Turtle Back Zoo

It was a junior course, not too high up. The higher course you see in the picture was the adult course. We couldn't zip line because the kids didn't weigh enough. D managed it pretty well.. H had to be rescued 3/4th way in.. he was too scared and his little arms and legs just weren't long enough.

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Jennifer said…
This looks like fun!

Curated by Jennifer
Love those kindness rocks!
Chatty Crone said…
The kids are so cute. I hope you have a nice vacation. Love the rocks. I think the Hybrid system sounds good to me. We have virtual here so far.
E said…
Uggh, I am not looking forward to this school year. My son is starting virtual kindergarten and I'm worried it's not going to be a positive experience for him.

On a lighter note, I love your kindness rock project - what a sweet idea!

District of Chic
Kelly said…
I love your rock project! Many of the schools around here are trying a similar setup for school. Cases are still on the rise in my state, so we'll see how it all pans out.
It's such a strange year for all students! I wish you all the best and a healthy school environment. Have a wonderful getaway!
It's got to be so hard for kids, students and parents alike, Hena.
I love that you'll be getting away...that's something we all need.
Billie Jo said…
I hope you have a happy and healthy school year!
Laura B said…
That ropes course looks like so much fun! And I love the idea of your rocks. I think I need to try that with my kids!
I hope the kids' school year gets off to a good start. We began our school year two weeks ago and everyone is 100% virtual for now. It has been a little challenging getting into a routine but we're making it work. I love that obstacle course. What a fun way to get some exercise. :)
Veronica Lee said…
The Hybrid system sounds good. Love the rocks!

Have a great vacation, Hena!
Emmylou said…
Gosh! The boys are growing up so quickly!!!! Have fun in your getaway. And yeah....September will be interesting with back to s school. My high school boys are in a hybrid system, but my youngest will be in school 5 days a week with shorter hours. The teachers are still fighting for smaller class size so we don't really know what's gonna happen:(
Have fun and enjoy your family getaway!
Rach said…
Curious to know how this new school system works after a month!
awhite said…
A ropes course! How fun- and these two look ready to conquer it!

Le Stylo Rouge
The ropes course looks fun! My kids are in private schools and this is their third week and both schools have done well with the 5 day in person schedule so far... fingers crossed it continues to go well!

I love all of the painted rocks. Some of the school districts around here are doing the hybrid option too. We are full time in class right now, but we will see if that changes.
Red Rose Alley said…
That is such a special thing that you and the boys did, painting rocks and sharing them with others. I've always loved messages on rocks. It's the little things like this that make a difference during this time that we are in. I love the sunshine, faith, and joy ones. The kids looks like they're having a blast on the Adventure Course. You know, all my kids when they were older went zip lining in Costa Rica. It was so much fun for them.

Wishing you sweet September days. I hope your sons do well at school and stay safe this year.

Jeanie said…
I love your kindness project. that's wonderful and I know it will make someone happy to see and pick one of those up. And I hope it made the boys happy, knowing they are helping someone.

Your holiday looks like great fun. I hope school goes well.
karen said…
I hope your school days are safe and well. I think it will be nice for them to go back even though it's 2 days a week. Like you said, it might very well turn virtual. Our numbers have been very high because of the college students...I will never be eating inside a restaurant for the foreseeable future - I miss that. Of course I miss my kids too.
Love those kindness rocks! Good luck with your kids in the hybrid model!
Sakuranko said…
My best wishes and blessings to you
Debbie said…
when my boys were younger, we visited the turtleback zoo often, this adventure is new to me!!

the kindness rock project is awesome, i have been wanting to paint rocks!!!
Mica said…
The rope course looks like so much fun! There's one at a themepark here but we have never been to it before as I'm terrified of heights, haha! Luckily the kids love climbing anything and everything they see back when we used to go to playgrounds so they haven't inherited that fear from me, haha!

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend and that the return to school goes well!

Away From Blue
I hope the new school year gets off to a good start. I think it's a sound idea to send your boys to school for two days a week, as the whole "going to school" experience is just as important as the things they'll be taught. It's good to go away for a couple of days before it all starts, and those kindness rocks are such a wonderful idea xxx
I hope your boys have a great school year! The ropes course looks like a blast!

Jill - Doused in Pink
Stefanie said…
That's a cool place for the kids. Hope the school transition will go smoothly for you all. My brother's youngest went back to preschool otherwise they'd lose his spot.

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