DIY Bean Bag Toss

Look what we made!

It was a full family effort. We had some wood and paint lying around from previous projects. M and the boys made the structure. The boys and I designed and painted it. And my mother in law made the bean bags. 

We voted on the design

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This project turned out great. I love how the whole family pitched in. Indoor corn hole sounds like a fun way to burn off some energy!
Jennifer said…
This is such a cute idea!!

Curated by Jennifer
What a wonderful family project! And that design would have received my vote too! Very stylish.
Jeanie said…
This is the most fun family project ever! I love how everyone was involved in the design and making of it. It looks like such fun and wonderful participation!
Kelly said…
It looks like the creation might have been almost as much fun as playing with the end result!
What an absolutely fun thing to do. The boys will appreciate it even more when they've helped making it! xxx
Chatty Crone said…
Man that was wonderful - not only the game but how your entire family worked on it!
R's Rue said…
Laura B said…
These turned out so well! I just love the design you chose and the bright colors!
Emmylou said…
Such a cool family project, Hena:)
What a fun project to do with your family! It turned out great!
My kids used to have one of these, but it wasn't homemade. I love how colorful those bean sacks are!

How awesome that the whole family worked on this together! Came out great and looks like fun!
Veronica Lee said…
What a fun and cute idea, Hena!

Happy Tuesday!
It's brilliant!
We love this game. I love that you guys made one!
The family that plays together stays together.
It looks like a heap of fun - to build and to enjoy.
Fantastic! I love that you all played apart it creating this. Fun game! great is this?? I love how everyone joined in.
Oh WOW! How cool is this? I total family affair. It came out great and what a good job you guys did with painting that swirl! And love that rug too btw.

Allie of
karen said…
what a fun project! around here they call it a cornhole toss (and I'm not from NE PA so it's a regional thing if you ask me). They had this game at a wedding and the adults were eagerly playing away!!

I love the photo of your son and husband working together, sweet!!
Wow, such a lovely family project.
Have a great day.
Kisses <3
Red Rose Alley said…
What a fun project for your kids! So creative and clever. I love the photos of your sons carefully painting the blue and green, that's cute. And that was nice of your mother-in-law to make the bean bags. This will be a fun game to have around. I also noticed the white brick on your fireplace, how charming. My mom had brick all throughout her kitchen, and I loved it. : )

This is so creative! How fun!
What a fun family DIY! I love how it turned out!

Jill - Doused in Pink
This turned out great and I love that everyone in the family helped make it. :)
Have a nice weekend!
Mica said…
That looks like fun! What a great idea to get everyone involved!

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! :)

Away From Blue
Amy Johnson said…
How creative you are and so much fun too!
stylefrontier said…
this looks like such a fun DIY to do!
style frontier
Have a nice day!
E said…
What a cute idea! My son would love something like this!

District of Chic
Gata Collins said…
Nice! Let's create a funny time at home!
Aidan Brogan said…
This is so cute and creative!
awhite said…
What a cute idea! Summer fun, all at home. :)

Le Stylo Rouge
Stefanie said…
I like it. Love how making it involved the whole ohana.
So cute, and extra special with all of the family contributing to making it!

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