Thank you so much for all your kind words on my last post.. 

We are in June.. can you believe it? 19 more days of school left.. phew. Our summer vacation is going to have to be cancelled.. I am putting off cancelling our flights till we get closer to July.. we were supposed to be visiting family and friends in Pakistan.. M hasn't seen his sister in over four years. 

The kids take a crash course swim class every summer and we were just informed that they will take place as scheduled.. so that's something to look forward to. D is also turning 10 at the end of the month.. we are hoping things will open up a bit more till then and maybe we can have a little picnic with some friends and family to celebrate. 

It has finally warmed up and we had our first barbecue of the season.. 

We live in a semi wooded area so we are no strangers to deer roaming our streets and yards.. but it was our first time spotting a fawn as small as this one laying down as such. We usually see them sprinting around their mothers.. but here a mother was nowhere to be seen and the baby didn't move when we approached.. for a moment there we thought it was injured.. we were reassured by animal control that that was not the case and the mother would be back to collect her probably weak and tired baby in a bit.. and she did.. in a few hours the fawn had disappeared. 

A robin laid eggs in a bush near our front door.. but unfortunately a predator got to the little eggs before they could hatch.. thankfully there is another nest in another bush.. some finch eggs and a cowbird egg. Fingers crossed these hatch. 

M picked up a bird house to make sure our future bird eggs stay more protected.. 

After a month of no reading (was trying to focus on more religious reading for Ramadan).. I finally picked up a book :)

Did you know Daniel Radcliff and many others are reading chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Check it out here. And JK Rowling just released another book online to read for free.. check it out here and she is asking for children who read it to help illustrate it.

I also very recently started binging on Schitt's Creek.. if you like me haven't seen it yet you must.. it is the perfect light hearted show for the pandemic.. I am four seasons in and there is not an episode I didn't like nor a character I am not rooting for.     

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Dids F. said…
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Jennifer said…
Aww that baby deer!!

Effortlessly Sophisticated
Mmmm, that chicken looks delicious!
We're watching Schitt's Creek and loving it too! That fawn was so cute. My mother in law had one in her yard too. I've seen baby and mama around our house as well. That's exciting about the swim lessons!! I'm ready for summer and things to open up a little.
Kelly said…
I think it's great that you live somewhere your boys can enjoy nature. Our cows will hide their new calves like that while they go off and graze. I hope the eggs hatch and you can watch the babies grow!

Fingers crossed that maybe things will still work out for you to travel this summer. I've not heard much in the news about how that part of the world fared with the virus.
We have a trip to Myrtle Beach in July planned and I'm kind of at the point where I hope they cancel our flights. But, I doubt we'll be that lucky. I have to decide by June 24th if we want to cancel on the Air bnb, etc. Such a bummer! We did book another vacation the weekend after it, tho that is in our home state and it is out in nature and at a really nice resort with pools, nice restaurants, etc. It is all open now, too... so, we have that to look forward to (even though it isn't the beach). You have gotten some gorgeous nature pics! Wow!!!

Chatty Crone said…
Your school has 19 more days? That is a long school year.
How I love your home area - the bird eggs and the little baby deer.
So you think you will fly on a plane in July?
Wear masks and the kids too!
karen said…
How exciting that the swim classes are ON. I hope you can have something of a birthday party for your son!! We've been grilling outside and have been enjoying so much that nature gives us. I am loving late spring heading into the summer!
That baby deer is so cute and I adore those cute robin eggs!
Laura B said…
That baby fawn is so neat! It was probably a newborn! And I love that you have a nest with eggs. I bet that is really exciting for the kids!
That fawn is amazing Hena. How wonderful he was so closeby.
We've been able to get to our community pool and it's been wonderful. Just what we all in the water.
Billie Jo said…
How awesome is nature?!
So much knowledge right outside our doors.
Hope your summer is happy and healthy.
Have a cozy evening!
P.S. Books are my life. : )
Veronica Lee said…
The baby deer is adorable!

I've just finished watching the last episode of Chernobyl last night. Thank God, it's only a mini-series of 5 episodes! Binge watching takes a toll on me!

Happy Tuesday, Hena!
Jeanie said…
That fawn is so precious. I'm glad the boys can experience nature this way, and you, too. I'm so sorry about your trip. It is the smart thing to do but that doesn't make it fun.
I can't believe it is June either! We normally have our holiday in the UK in June, and we waited until last weekend to cancel our holiday cottage. Luckily, we were able to change the dates to next year, but it's still sad that we won't be meeting our friends over there. It's good to hear that your boys's swimming lessons will go ahead, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that family picnic! And oh, isn't that fawn the sweetest thing? xxx
Oh wow you seem like you live in a woodland wonderland what great shots you got! So glad your children have somewhere peaceful to be and grow up. Thanks for posting these wonderful photos and LOVE the fawn.

Allie of
Emmylou said…
That's so great that the kids' swimming will go on. Here, everything for the summer has been cancelled:( And how lovely to see that fawn. I read somewhere it's considered lucky to see a deer:)
PS Must really read The Ickabog soon!
Letscurry said…
Such a fabulous staying close to the woods Hena. Loved the baby fawn. I'm in same boat as you. We haven't still cancelled the flight tickets to India that is scheduled for end July family visit. Fingers crossed, risk alert is high! We have put a rocket stove with some bricks and made awesome chicken biryani to keep our festive spirits high and outdoors seems still with a cringe though. Happy to stumble upon your blog.
Amy Johnson said…
Oh my goodness, that beautiful fawn! And those robin eggs are so pretty!
Look at that fawn!!! And the robin's eggs are beautiful. I love a good backyard bbq!
Himawan Sant said…
So cute, baby deer! You are lucky to have memories of seeing fawns in the wild. Those are memorable memories. Greetings from Indonesia.
Jo Rashi said…
That baby deer looks so cute... lovely post ...thanks for sharing dear :-)
Beauty and fashion/Rampdiary
Debbie said…
oh you are doing/feeling so much better, i am so happy!! that grilled bbq chicken looks so good....we purchased white corn on the cob at delicious orchard and it was amazing!!! i think it comes in from florida!!

that is what doe do with their fawn. strange as it seems they deposit them somewhere and come back for them later!! you have lots of fun things happing, it has lifted your spirits!!!
That fawn is just precious! Fingers crossed that those eggs stay safe and hatch.
That fawn is so cute, you are lucky to have memories of seeing fawn. I have seen them in the zoo. They are so cute and innocent.
Have a great day.
How cute is that fawn! Seeing all of the wildlife is probably so fun for your kids! I need a lighthearted show to watch and will check out Schitt's Creek!

Jill - Doused in Pink
awhite said…
I'm in shock that it's already June- time is really flying (running together) in quarantine.

I love the little fawn! Such a sweet baby!

The barbecue looks so tasty- a summer fave!

Le Stylo Rouge
Amy Aed said…
Those eggs are such a beautiful post! I love this post and the vibes it gives off.
Red Rose Alley said…
aaahhh, that fawn is too cute. What a sight that must have been, along with those Robin eggs. That's sad that someone got to the eggs before they could hatch. Your barbecue looks delicious. You know, I have been craving barbecue lately. I think I'll mention that to Nel. That's good that your kids take a swim course every year. I'm surprised that it will take place this Summer. Soon, they will be advanced swimmers.


Christina said…
Aww, sweet little fawn! I have never seen one (although there are plenty of deer where we live). Is that a cuckoo egg in the robin's nest? Nature is carrying on as usual, isn't it? We spotted a blue tit fledgling yesterday, it was tiny and cute and hopefully, it'll survive.

I hope you'll be able to visit family in Pakistan soon, if not in July, then hopefully soon. Time is passing so quickly. I was thinking of you during Ramadan, I hope you were able to enjoy this time of reflection and prayer despite the unusual circumstances of lock-down and pandemic.

Wishing you a lovely week x
Stefanie said…
So glad the baby didn't lose its mama. Cool, BBQ. It's been warm here, 80's today. I'll take that instead of 90's. Glad your boys will still have swimming to look forward to. Have no clue what my girls will do since they usually don't go to camps and well, it's still encouraged to stay home as much as possible. Heard Schitt's Creek mentioned somewhere; I'll have to check it out.
Liz Hinds said…
A real life Bambi! How amazing!

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