Twisty Thrillers

Secrets to the Grave by Tami Hoag

Synopsis - Marissa Fordham is dead, but her daughter is found at the crime scene, injured but alive. Now sheriff's detective Tony Mendez and child advocate Anne Leone begin to peel back the layers of Marissa's life. And the shocking truth they discover puts them directly in the sights of a killer with a stunning secret to keep; because Marissa Fordham never existed.

Thoughts - This was the second book I read by Tami Hoag. They were both part of the Oak Knoll series. They were both nail biting crime thrillers not for the faint heart. I enjoyed coming back to old characters and see what was going on in their lives.. The story showcased some wonderfully strong female characters as well. It was a twisty tale and left me guessing till the end

Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks      

Synopsis -When a body is pulled out of an office fire, three women are first in line for questioning. All of them have reasons for wanting revenge against the company’s CEO.
It could be Laura, who has returned to work to find that her maternity cover isn’t leaving. The CEO insists he’s doing what’s best for the company. Laura isn’t convinced he’s telling the truth.
Or there’s Mia. Brought in as temporary cover for Laura, she has quickly made herself indispensable – and popular with her colleagues. But if people knew why she was so desperate to keep her job, they might not welcome her so freely.
Then there’s Janie, wife to the CEO, who gave up her courtroom career to support her husband and his business. She has her own secret to protect – and will go to any length to keep it safe.

Thoughts - I have mixed feeling about this one. The chapters switched between the POV's of the three women and there were additional sections that dealt with the police officer's questioning of various characters. I didn't care all that much about the fire or the body. I was invested in Laura's story but for all the wrong reasons. She was a new mom returning to work.. she hated to leave her son but didn't want to show weakness at work and when she returns she finds herself marginalized. It was her story of a working mom trying to have it all and failing miserably that grabbed my attention and even that became overkill after a while. Definitely not a must read in my opinion.

This will be the last of the book reviews for a while.. it might just be a last post for some time..
The holy month of Ramadan has started. The masjid's have closed. Our community has come together beautifully. Our masjid made grocery care packages for every home filled with many of the goods needed for meals during this auspicious month. Our sermons are coming to us daily by the magic of the internet. Stay well everyone!

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Jennifer said…
Both sound so interesting. I usually don't read thrillers though.

Effortlessly Sophisticated
Thank you for the book reviews. That first one sounds like something I'd like. I hope you have a blessed Ramadan!
A blessed Ramadan to you and your family!
karen said…
Sounds like Hoag will be an author I will look for. I like mysteries a lot!!
Kelly said…
I've not read any Tami Hoag, but always heard good things about her.

May y'all have a blessed Ramadan and I hope to see you back here during the summer!
Jeanie said…
I wish you a beautiful, safe and blessed Ramadan. The food packages sound like such a wonderful idea during this particular time. I'm not sure either of those books are my cup of tea but I'm always glad when people share books.It helps me know what I may or may not want.

Again, all good wishes for Ramadan.
I don't often read thrillers and especially during these trying times I prefer reading something lighter, happier perhaps. I've seen some Tami Hoag books on the charity shelves when they were still open ... Wishing you a blessed Ramadan and stay safe! xxx
Stefanie said…
It's so cool how a sermon can be delivered via the WWW. Nice to read about the groceries.
Amy Aed said…
I have never really read a mystery before but I would love to give this one a go!
Sasha said…
Ooh, I haven't read a good thriller for so long! Thanks for sharing! Ramadan Mubarak. Take care. XXX
Mica said…
They sound like interesting books, even if they aren't my kind of story!

Have a lovely Ramadan!

Hope your week is off to a good start :) It's a busy week here with the kids back at school!

Away From Blue
Amy Aed said…
These all sound great! I actually haven't read a thriller in a while, but would definitely love to give one of these a go!
Oh this sounds good! I use to read thrillers and then stepped away from them as I figured out the endings to Gone Girl and Deep in the Woods so I got bored and annoyed lol. Thanks for the heads up on this!

Allie of

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