A Few Hours in Glasgow

We said goodbye to the Isle of Skye and made our way south to Glasgow.. our city of departure. We feel entering and departing from different cities is usually a time saver and makes more sense when you are city hopping. When booking a flight instead of a round trip we opt for a multi city. We also don't tend to have much airline loyalty.. we book the flight that makes the most sense in regard to time and money.

Before we got to Glasgow we made a quick stop at the Eilean Donan Castle. Eilean Donan is a small tidal island where three sea lochs meet, Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh, in the western Highlands of Scotland. A picturesque castle that frequently appears in photographs, film and television dominates the island, which lies about 1 kilometre from the village of Dornie. We didn't go inside but just stopping to walk around was worth it.. another breathtakingly stunning spot right out of a fairy tale. 

It was a four hour drive to Glasgow and it rainy almost the whole time.. we pulled over in to the Glenco Ski lodge to grab some lunches to go and kept driving. 

We arrived in Glasgow around 3:30pm and after parking in the Princes Street Shopping Center we just walked around.. it was raining on and off again so we ducked into shops.

In George's Square

We had dinner at Thairiffic. It was good.. but the thai food we had in York was just so so good. 
It had started to pour outside.. we quickly ran into Desserts Gelateria for our last dessert of the trip.. we don't indulge as much when we are home.. so on vacation we like to go a little crazy.  

It was still pouring and even with out rain jackets and our umbrellas by the time we made it back to the car we were drenched. 

Our hotel, Ashtree Hotel was in Paisley.. very close to the airport.. the manager was so nice that when she heard we had an extremely early flight she left out some breakfast for us. And that was it.. our adventure came to an end. 

It was such a great summer.. something we'll remember for years to come. Now we're just counting down the days till we are off to our next destination. 

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I was surprised at old buildings preserved very well. Happy autumn days to you.
Mica said…
I'd hoped to see Eilean Donan castle when we were in Scotland earlier this year but the drive was a bit far from where we stayed in Edinburgh. maybe when my boys are older like yours we can go back! I'm glad you still had a good day despite the rain.

Hope that you had a great weekend. We had a picnic today, taking advantage of the public holiday and great weather :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :) I've got a scarf giveaway on my blog right now too!

Away From Blue
Jennifer said…
I really loved that castle! I'm a sucker for old architecture!

Effortlessly Sophisticated
It sounds like you had such a wonderful trip! It's nice you could squeeze Glasgow in at the end. Those desserts looked incredible!
Looks like such a great time and yummy desserts!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style
Stefanie said…
Those desserts look so yummy.
Veronica Lee said…
What a wonderful trip! Too bad about the rain though. Those desserts look soooooo goood!
Kelly said…
What a great trip this was! Those desserts are beautiful - almost too pretty to eat. ;)
I love how you indulge on vacation...we do that too.
Jackie Harrison said…
Omg the ice cream dessert I want it now yummy.
Bill said…
Glad you had such an exciting trip. Beautiful photos, yummy desserts and great memories.
Emmylou said…
Eilean Donan Castle looks amazing! You guys certainly had a grand adventure this summer:)
That second photo in particular was amazing. I am so glad that you enjoyed your holiday - and took us along.
This reminds me of my trip to Scotland. We had a few hours in Glasgow as well.
Laura B said…
Those desserts look sublime! We like to indulge on vacation too!
How fantastic that you were able to visit Glasgow in at the end of your trip. Entering and departing from different cities makes so much sense since it gives you more opportunities to see more.
We usually fly Southwest if we can, but my husband flys it for work a lot and we get points sometimes. Although, I will go with whatever works best for us and I do prefer direct flights. How neat to see Glasglow and I love those sweet desserts!

BLovedBoston said…
Well those desserts look amazing as does Glasgow!
Nice photos! The desserts look yummy.
Gorgeous pictures, and those desserts! Oh my!
What an adventure you've had, in spite of that rainy day in Glasgow. Those desserts look super indulgent. I had to smile, as my husband and I do the same when we're on holiday! xxx
Debbie said…
wow, who cares about dinner when desert looks like that!!! sometimes i think about all the woman on the titanic who probably did not eat desert that night....

you sure have had a wonderful summer with your family. one they will never forget!! and you are a really beautiful family too!!!
awhite said…
That castle looks AMAZING! I would love to see something like this live and in person someday!

Le Stylo Rouge
Jeanie said…
Apart from the rain, so nice. But rain -- ick! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time -- a grand adventure.
What a wonderful adventure. Your photos are gorgeous and those desserts look amazing.
I always like to treat myself to deserts on vacation and those look amazing!

Jill - Doused in Pink
Going a little crazy with indulgent desserts is precisely what vacations are for! Thanks for letting us tag along on your Scottish trip!
love this place but I am eyeing on these desserts

Have a nice day
Kinza Khushboo
Glamorous without the Guilt
Bloglovin | Glamorous without the Guilt
karen said…
The castle looks like fun and that dessert - well I want a bite of it!! thank you for sharing your trip adventures.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh my, those desserts look so Yummy. That picture of your boys wearing their raincoats is sweet. It looks like they are having a great time on your trips. The castle is grand, and I like that bridge leading to the castle. So many wonderful memories you are making with your family.

Mmmmm, those desserts look so good. What an incredible adventure you and your family have been on this year. Your children are going to have so many wonderful memories from their travels.
This looks absolutely amazing! I need to explore more of Scotland :D
Paola Lauretano said…
Wow, I would like to visit Glasgow... beautiful pics!
Kisses, Paola.

So much fun. Nice
You had so much fun! Great photos :)

Shoot for the stars | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Facebook page | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Instagram
Amy Johnson said…
What a breath-taking place! And those desserts look amazing!

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