A Splendid Day in York

On the 5th day we left London.. we rented a car for the rest of our trip.. the United Kingdom has a great public transport system and while we did take trains all through out our spring break trip we M opted to drive this time around. It was a rough start with driving on the other side of the road.. and figuring out the road signs etc.. I must say that I think the roads in America are marked so much more clearly.. and the roads are also so much wider and smoother.

But very soon our rough start got a little rougher.. H threw up before we even got out of London. We had over three and a half more hours of driving left before we got to York. The drive itself was fine.. but when we were just about twenty minutes away from the hotel D threw up! Thankfully he was able to alert us beforehand and we were able to stop and he was able to get out of the car. Phew. We suspect it was the dinner form the night before.

York is a walled city in northeast England that was founded by the ancient Romans. We stayed in the Queen Hotel on the River Ouse, the location was perfect. Unfortunately the hotel was not. It was the worst hotel we have stayed at in a long time.. the carpets were damp.. three of us showered in cold to warm water before the fourth finally got hot water. The toilet needed several flushes.. 

We checked in and headed out around 3pm. We crossed the bridge and started to wander through its shop lined streets. We hadn't had lunch so we popped into Thomas the Baker for some savory stuffed pastries. Yum and just enough to tide us over till an early dinner. 

I must say.. York was delightful.

We took a walk through the Shambles, an old street in York. While the street was initially known for and home to many medieval butchers it is now known for being the inspiration behind Diagon Alley. 

and home to many Harry Potter themed shops.

We saw York Minster the second largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe.

We walked up to the ruins of Clifford's Tower.. did not go inside. It was nice to just go up the stairs and get a view or the area. Shakespeare's Rose Theater was in the same parking lot. 

Afterward, we walked the walls of the city.. the wall is approximately 2 miles long, we didn't walk the entire length of it. They are beautifully preserved and are the longest medieval town walls in England. 

For dinner we found a little Thai place.. it was a real hidden gem call Mommy Thai.. so so good.

The next morning we had breakfast at Brew and Brownie. Yum!

Then we took a short walk.. just outside the walls of York to the National Railway Museum.. also free! It was a terrific museum.. we had to make sure we spent only a few hours there which was hard because it had just so much information and so many trains. They had donation jars scattered about and when a museum is so wonderful it makes you want to give back.

As you can see my hair has started to get wild.. the UK water did not agree with it.. and my hair straighter did not work. I had a converter.. and I have had no problems with voltage in Morocco or Eastern Europe.. the hotels did provide hair dryers but I can not use a round brush to save my life. So as the days went on my hair got wilder.. think Monica in Barbados (it's a Friends reference)

All in all it was a perfect 24 hours in York. 

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Jennifer said...

OMG I did't realize York had Harry Potter themed shops! I must visit now!

Effortlessly Sophisticated

Kelly said...

My only visit to York was decades ago, and I stayed in a dormitory at the University.

I think the railway museum looks like great fun!!

Polyester Princess said...

My husband and I were in York for a couple of days back in 1995, so this brought back quite a few happy memories. What a shame the journey was eventful with your two boys being sick, and that additionally the hotel wasn't up to scratch! After many trips to the UK, we no longer have problems driving on the left. It just takes some practice, I suppose. xxx

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That looks like such a cute place. Sorry about your drive and the hotel--that part did not sound fun. You are brave to drive over there! How fun about the Harry P. stores. We did a free Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh that was incredible!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never been to York but after seeing your photos, now I want to go!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

Gosh, I would LOVE a day like this!!
How fun!!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Marvelous day with great photos!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a nice trip you had. I liked The shop that must not be named. That's interesting. The banana pancakes looks Yummy. And a sweet picture of you with your young ones. My daughters love to travel as well.


Emmylou said...

But I like your hair like that! :) And despite the rough start and not-so-nice hotel, it's great that York itself is such a lovely town:)

Debbie said...

you travel a lot and always seem to have the most fabulous time!! except for this throwing up episode, that was unfortunate, your boys are so well behaved, i hope they remember some of this!!

too bad about the hotel, another unfortunate in this trip but you would never know it with all the smiles!!

my favorite sight were the streets lined with umbrellas!!!

Elephant's Child said...

York looks amazing.
I am so very glad that the illness didn't continue and that the less than wonderful hotel didn't dampen your spirits or your enjoyment.

Veronica Lee said...

You still look fantastic despite the hair! York sounds like an interesting place to visit. Lovely photos as always, Hena.

Ivana Split said...

York seems like a lovely place to visit. Shame about the weather and the boys being sick, but I see you still managed to see something of York. Cute photos, you have a lovely family.

Jackie Harrison said...

Wow York is more than a town the food choices looks delicious. Your images are beautiful good looking family.

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

York looks so quaint! It's too bad the hotel was not up to standards but I'm glad you enjoyed the town!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Sami said...

York looks like a beautiful place. Sorry about the kids being unwell and the awful hotel, but in the end you had a great time.
That yellow carriage is so pretty and the banana pancakes look delicious.
Thanks for popping by my blog too :)

awhite said...

Harry Potter-themed shops! How fun! You guys had an amazing time!

Le Stylo Rouge

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

York looks so charming. I love that so many museums are free in the UK.

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

Looks like this trip had a lot of cool things for the boys, such as the Harry Potter shops! So fun!


Stefanie said...

Loved seeing the Harry POtter-themed shops!

Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra said...

That's so cool that York has Harry Potter themed shops. I had no idea! It looks like a lovely town all around and I'm glad you and your family had a wonderful time there.

white and vintage said...

So lovely fotos! I like the street with the umbrellas so much!
Have a nice week

Grace Liang said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time in New York! That breakfast looked so amazing too! :)


TheNotSoGirlyGirl said...

Looks like you guys has A LOT of fun! I had no idea that there were so many harry potter theamed places in york. cool!
TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

karen said...

I love all the HP themed stuff. Our daughter would get sick in a car if it was too windy or bumpy....not fun at all. Glad it was a one off and you were good to go!!

Jeanie said...

Your hair might not have been what you wanted but I think it looks cute and you look lovely! And it looks like D got back in the saddle pretty quickly after his stomach upset. I've never been to York but it's on my "next time" list and after seeing your photos, all the more so!

glamorous without the guilt said...

Seems you had so much fun there. Nice pictures

Have a nice day
Kinza Khushboo
Glamorous without the Guilt
Bloglovin | Glamorous without the Guilt

NotJessFashion said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! What a lovely trip.

Jessica | notjessfashion.com

ALLIE NYC said...

Oh your trip looked so fun! I love when I first arrive in a city. I am going to Paris at the end of this month and can't wait. I so want to get to London again. I visited there quite some time ago when I graduated from high school.

Allie of

Straight A Style said...

I love NYC! Looks like you all had a blast!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Sakuranko said...

Oh so cute photos darling
Thanks for share

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