Two Days in Vienna

The train from Salzburg to Vienna was two and a half hours long. We were in Vienna by late afternoon. We checked into our hotel Appartement Hotel an der Riemergasse. It was a two bedroom apartment that gave us room to spread out. After quickly freshening up we headed out to get a feel for the area and dinner. We walked towards to Opera House which has a large screen outside and you can stand and watch the opera live! The kids were not too impressed.

We found a steak place nearby, Steak Point and had dinner.

It was really good.. though M's potato did come with far far too much sour cream. Afterwards we headed to the original Sacher Cafe.. to try to original Sacher torte.. The cake consists of a dense chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam on top, coated in dark chocolate icing on the top and sides. It is traditionally served with unsweetened whipped cream.

The cafe was uber fancy.. unfortunately the torte was such a major disappointment. Four people, one slice and we struggled to finish it. 

The next morning we discovered it was going to be a cold and rainy day :( We dressed in layers, borrowed an umbrella and headed out.

First stop Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker Cafe for breakfast. 

This place was beautiful. It was right across the street from the Opera House. We ordered a slice of cake each.. 

They were divine. The ones in front of the boys were the best... they were like eating sweet clouds.. it was an unimaginable experience. The chocolate one on the right was also pretty good.. the one of the left was just fine. 

Our next stop was the Schonbrunn Palace. Vienna did have Uber and it took us 20 minutes to get there. The rain had stopped but it was still quite cold.

Schönbrunn Palace was the main summer residence of the Habsburg rulers. The 1,441-room Baroque palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historical monuments in the country. Within the grounds they also have what is known to be the world oldest zoo. 

We bought tickets for the children's museum. It was a wonderful museum.. lots of great information and tons to do for the kids.

When we exited hours later the rain was coming down hard.. we had planned on walking some of the expansive grounds and exploring but that seemed to be out of the question. We ran to the on premises cafe for lunch and to rethink our options.

We ate at Cafe Restaurant Kutscher Gwölb, which was not bad or we were just that hungry.

We had noticed a hop on hop off panoramic train nearby and decided to take it.

We didn't do much hopping off considering the weather. You can see the palace far in the distance.

It was still lightly drizzling when we made it to the front gates and into our next Uber, destination Naschmarkt. The market has existed since the 16th century. Half of the market was closed thanks to the crappy weather.. We grabbed coffees and ducked under shades to save from the rain. 

The shop sellers were all eager to have us try various samples for free.. we bought some dried strawberries and pineapples and some fresh fruit as well.

It looked like we were finally done with the rain..but it was still windy. We grabbed another Uber to Hundertwasser House. It is an expressionist landmark and apartment building. It was the brainchild of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and architect Joseph Krawina.

We ended the day with pizza and pasta at Vappiano. 

The next day we had just half a day left of exploration left.. we had a 3pm train to catch. We started off with breakfast as Cafe Diglas. Cafe Diglas was founded in 1875. The one we ate at was opened in 1923.

It was fine.. the staff was a bit snooty or maybe just leisurely... that was a conclusion we came to mid trip. In America everything is fast.. the moment you enter there is someone to seat you.. a waiter is at your table within moments of being seated.. the bill arrives while you are still putting the last bite in your mouth. Here, everything happens slowly.. you wait minutes on end for service.. I guess you take your time and savor every moment? 

Unfortunately after yesterdays cake-tastic breakfast no other breakfast could ever come close. 

Afterwards we wandered about the Inner Stadt. We saw St. Stephan's Cathedral, St. Peter's Church, walked around Hofburg the once residence of the Empress Elizabeth.

We strolled Kohlmarkt and Graben - both prominent streets full of eateries and designer stores. Above is a statue of Mozart.

We ate gelato at Demel an salon establish in 1888 while M had a delectable pastry.

We had planned on having lunch at Cafe Central.. known for it's exquisite interior but the line was so long.. so we settled for a quick bite at Chattanooga instead and then off to the train station we went.

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Kelly said…
I love that treble clef in the grass in front of the statue! It's a shame the (highly anticipated) torte disappointed you, but it looks like you had plenty of other tasty sweets.
Jeanie said…
It looks like a wonderful visit. Sorry about that one torte but the rest looked pretty delicious. Like Kelly, I loved the trebel clef in the grass. And the palace looked magnificent. Best of all, lots of smiling faces!
You and your family had a wonderful time. These cakes look so delicious.
Gosh you have the best adventures Hena. Although I have to say there is no such thing as too much sour cream, LOL!!
karen said…
you and your family are delightful, thank you for taking me on your vacations with your photos. I have to say, both the boys look like they are going through a growth spurt!!
simply styling said…
I love love love seeing your travel photos ! Looks like a fabulous time !
Wow, I'm impressed at how much sightseeing you were able to fit into 2 days. Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs as well.
Rach said…
It seriously looks like a wonderful time!
Veronica Lee said…
Oh Hena, I love, love, love your travel posts. I am adding Austria to my bucket list.

I forgot to ask you in your post on Hungary - what currency did you use? I asked our money changer over here and apparently, they don't sell the Forint.

One more question, is Hungary's and Austria's tap water safe to drink?
The food in Vienna looks amazing! Dying over that cake. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of your family.
Emmylou said…
Oh wow! Even in just a short time and not-so-perfect weather, you guys did so much and it looked like another great adventure! So cool, Hena! And despite that torte, sounded like the 4 cakes after more than made up for it:D
R's Rue said…
It looks like a fantastic trip. That photo of the boys with the cakes is priceless. They all looked delicious! Thank you for sharing your travels!
Jackie Harrison said…
Wonderful images love the one with your kids face expression looking at the cakes. Delicious post and awesome place to visit.
Anonymous said…
so many great photos! I need to visit here! it looks amazing thanks for sharing and oh my the food looks good!
Jadieegosh   Instagram
Vienna is amazing city. I visit is many times and every time come back with happiness and joy. I love food, architecture and spirit of that city.
Debbie said…
those boys of yours are just too cute and i mean all three of them!! hehehehe

i think you must be a foodie like i am, everything you savored looked so delicious!!

i'm glad you did not let the rain damped the mood or ruin the trip!!!
Ruth Josey said…
What a great trip - I'm sorry the weather shut down so much of the market, though - that would have been one of my favorite things. The food looks just amazing. I can't imagine what too much sour cream on a potato is like (I'd probably not have even noticed it) - is that the way they serve it there? You mentioned the one restaurant in which you'd gotten slow service. Were they all like that? If not, it's probably just poor service. I loved seeing your trip pictures and your beautiful family - thanks for sharing!

Carrie said…
Don't you hate when the weather doesn't cooperate? But, man, you still did a lot and look at all of that delicious food! I love that pizza bunny or whatever it is :) So cool!

Looks like an amazing trip! Vienna has so much cool history and wow Schönbrunn Palace is magnificent!
Claire said…
it looks so fun ! too bad that the torte was a major disappointment!
Margot said…
Looks like so much fun and a lot of good food !
Your little ones are so cute and funny !
awhite said…
Vienna is so lovely- and I'm drooling over how good all the food looks!

Le Stylo Rouge
Adriana Leandro said…
Looks like a perfect visit.
These cakes look delicious.
Audrey said…
I pretty much base all my travel itineraries around cafes. I'm super excited to check out Viennese coffee houses! There are SO many recommendations online though, and I have no idea how to prioritise them. I'm sorry to hear that the sachertorte at Hotel Sacher wasn't that great, but I'm glad to hear that Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbacker Cafe was good! Were there a lot of people at Hotel Sacher? At Gerstner? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's
NotJessFashion said…
Looks like you guys had a blast! Such a fun trip. Food looks amazing too!

Jessica |
Your story in travels is beautiful!!
Unknown said…
I am in love with Viena. And... OMG Sacher cake! I hope you enjoy it.
You packed a lot into your stay! Looks wonderful! I especially love those cakes and the looks on your boys' faces!

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