10 Email Marketing DO's an DONT's with Campaign Monitor

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Everyone says the best way to market your business is to have a mailing list.. I have heard it over and over again.. it is always listed at the top way to get more readers, viewers and buyers. And so I gave it a shot.. every month I sent out a newsletter.. I stared at the analytics.. excited by every subscriber.. but in all honesty not many subscribed.. those who did often didn't even open the email.. It didn't seem to be resulting in any extra readers or sales.. and so I stopped sending them out.

When I saw this list of Do's and Dont's at Campaign Monitor some really surprised me and so I thought I'd share.

10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Some of these I had never even thought of.. especially number 4, to create different newsletters for different reader groups based on their preferences is such a great idea.. Number 8 on the other hand is such an obvious tip I'm sure most people including myself just never think about.. time zones!! 

Campaign Monitor is such a wonderful resource for everything you need to get your digital marketing on point.
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Midnight Cowgirl said...

These are great dos and don'ts!

Kinga K. said...

Well written :)

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