Spending a Night in the Moroccan Desert

On our second day of travelling through the High Atlas Mountains we arrived at the town of Merzouga where our driver dropped us off and we boarded a 4 wheel drive truck. Our new driver drove us through the bumpy rocky pre desert area.. he did some stunts to produce some ooh's and ah's and after 20 minutes we stopped to meet the camels whom were to take us the rest of the way to the desert Erg Chebbi. This entire excursion was booked via Desert Luxury Camp. They exceeded our expectations is every way.

We were in awe of the endless desert... I was surprised to find it dotted with little bushes.. the sand would shift so stealthy behind us.. the camels took about 30 minutes to get us too our camp.. it was interesting to think that once upon a time this was the mode of the transportation..  an oh so very slow method. It was a cool day.. we had picked the perfect time to venture into the desert.. in the summer it can become unbearably hot.

The camps.. 

the outdoor seating area.. where we had breakfast the next morning and music played near the roaring fire at night.

we were welcomed with lemonade and chocolate chip cookies.

Inside our fancy tents.. with a hot shower :)

The rest of the day we spent sand boarding.. chilling in hammocks and watching the sunset..  

After dinner we all took hot showers to wash all the sand off.. while the desert looks serene.. and most of the time it is serene when the wind picks up and the sand starts blowing it can be a bit brutal.  

The next morning before breakfast we decided to walk along the dunes one last time.. say our goodbyes..

After a quick breakfast we were off again.. via 4 wheel drive and then reunited with our driver to continue our journey towards Fes.
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Carrie said…
Wow! Ya'll really love to take some unique trips and that is so cool. I would love to do this! And, the kids look like they had a blast.

Billie Jo said…
This is amazing!!!
What an unbelievable trip for you and your family.
I am so happy you shared these beautiful photos!
karen said…
that is a LOT of desert! I am amazed at a bathroom inside a tent, incredible - (I am amazed at how adventurous you are too).
A night in the Moroccan Desert looks like a really unique adventure! That is a whole lot sand.
I was surprised the tents had such big beds. It looked really comfy. The whole trip looked great.
What an incredible experience, Hena!!! As long as there was the bathroom like that, I'd want to go!!
Dianna said…
Thank you, Hena, for stopping by. I love to see and read about your family adventures and these to the Atlas Mountains and the Morocan Desert are amazing! What an education you and your husband are giving your boys!
Stefanie said…
What a trip! Desert camp? I like how it has "modern" amenities.
Yes, I concur, yay for cute earrings.
Kinga K. said…
Interesting place :)
Kelly said…
The sand boarding looks fun! I'm pretty amazed at the bathroom in the tent, too.

So much sand. Can't you just imagine how easily one could get lost out there?! Your camels appear to be well-behaved. No spitting or biting, I gather. ;)
Veronica Lee said…
Dang! We should have taken this "night-in-the-dessert" option when we were in Dubai instead of the dhow cruise.
What an incredible adventure, Hena!
Laura Mitbrodt said…
I am so jealous of your travels this looks so fun
Christina said…
How cool is that! I am surprised you even had a shower in your tents, deep ground water maybe? Or tanks?
Anvilcloud said…
What a wonderful experience!
What an incredible place to visit! Love where you slept. Very cool!

Wow, a night in the dessert, that must be amazing! Great fotos!
Emmylou said…
Man! I can do that sand boarding the whole day! Hena, this just reminded me so much of The English Patient, one of my fave books/movies. So beautiful, and the camp where u guys slept....sigh....
Couture Carrie said…
Camel ride looks amazing!

Miguel Gouveia said…
thanks :)

seems to be an amazing travel !

InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D
awhite said…
I have always wanted to go on a camel ride! Awesome!

Le Stylo Rouge
Paola Lauretano said…
Such a cool experience... amazing pictures!
Kisses, Paola.

I have tried riding a camel and it is amazing
What a great tip there

Much Love,
Jane | The Bandwagon Chic
shwet said…
Wow!! it looks so amazing to stay at dessert.It has all facilities. I am sure you had great time.pictures are superb.
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Rosanna said…
Incredible pictures! What an amazing place!!
Have a lovely day :)
Rosanna x
Rose's Rooftop
Girl Meets Bow said…
Y'all really take the coolest trips and find the most fun spots!
This is soooo cool. Definitely on my bucket list of things to do.
What an experience, it looks like a dream!
Wow what an adventure! I am always wary of animal tourism, but this company looks to be very responsible environmentally, so I hope that that means they are responsible with their camels too! I love the photos and this part of the trip sounds like a dream! :) XO - Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things
Gold Coast Girl said…
Looks amazing! Love the photos!
Sarah said…

So amazing !

Sarah, http://www.sarahmodeee.fr
That looks like an incredible time!
SUCH a cool experience! That camel ride looks amazing. I know Ben would have a blast in the dunes. You guys do the best stuff!

Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

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