Personalized Photo Memory Game

Just want to preface the post with *this is not a sponsored post* I genuinely love this item.. love it so much I bought my second set a few months ago.

I  am raving about the Pinhole Press Memory Game. When D was turning 4 I saw it on Cup of Jo and she was offering a promo code so I bought one for him as a present. We don't have family close by so I wanted the photographs to be of D with various members of our family. We D got a little older we realized the set of 24 cards just aren't enough.. and with H turning four in a few months I just ordered a set for him too.. a game of 48 makes it much more fun and challenging. Plus the boys and I love reminiscing over the old adorable photos. 

This makes such a great and memorable present for the kids, for yourself.. a wonderful keepsake, something to treasure forever. 
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Your Invisible Crown said...

What a fun idea to make a memory game of family pictures! Also a good idea to make a new set every other year and mix sets up.

Jennifer Hays said...

That is such a great idea, Hena. I really like it. Memory games are always fun and this makes it so personal and special!

Kim said...

I love that these are personalized! Maybe I'll make ones for my nieces (1 and 2 years old). Thanks for the idea!

Kathrine Eldridge said...

What a wonderful gift for the holidays! Thanks so much. Your family is adorable!


Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

So cute!!! I love this! :) I would absolutely buy it for someone I knew who was the right age! :) XO - Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

Stefanie said...

That's a fun set. I think using family is a great way for memories.
Yeah, DST can be hard for little ones and their parents. Naptime was a big part of our routine during those toddler and preschool years. The husband and I would conk out too. Now it's my brother's kids who need naptime. Our crew comes up early to my mom's house for a get-together but we end up staying late b/c my brother and his ohana don't come over until six. So we get home near 11.

Emmylou said...

What an awesome keepsake, and a memory game to boot!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

What a cute memory game!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Oh what a sweet gift! I just love it!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! I love memory games, this seem to be so much fun! :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Airish
Gorgeous Glance

The Bandwagon Chic said...

This is such a fun game for kids.
Great game!

Much Love,
Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic


How cool lovely idea dear!!!

Mónica Sors

Marie said...

What a great game for children!! My friend's children would love that. Thanks for sharing.

awhite said...

This is such a cute idea!

Le Stylo Rouge

Carrie said...

What a cute idea, this would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays!


Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful idea ! Hoping that you are having a fantastic week !

karen said...

such a clever gift! my sister made a monopoly game for her son and daughter in law that had personal photos and that was liked.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

The personalization really adds such a great element to this game!

s said...

so cool!!!! what a wonderful gift.


Laura Mitbrodt said...

These are so cute, what a great idea

Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute this~ Super lovely with your babies

Straight A Style said...

I love that this is a personalized memory game. How cool!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

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