I haven't blogged in a bit. Since the summer vacations started things have been busier that I had expected. Ramadan ended and we let off some steam by having friends and family over, then being invited by friends.

Also pretty much immediately started D's crash course swim class.. he hadn't been making much progress with all the years of classes he has taken so when someone recommended a crash course they claimed worked wonders with their child I signed him up.. it was a bit of a drive which meant I lost 3 hours every morning but D learnt how to swim.. So I am a believer and we will be doing this crash course every summer. 

We have been trying our hand at growing a few things this year.. my mother in law is growing mint and coriander while I'm growing strawberries. It has been an inconsistent crop.. we get like two red strawberries every few days and most have so far been consumed by H so we can't be sure if they even taste sweet.  

D turned 7 and more post about that will follow. He requested a homemade confetti cake with orange frosting.

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Anonymous said…
I like how your boy rolls. Both of them look so handsome in their snazzy outfits. The crash course sounds interesting. Back in the city, the elder had taken a small group class but learning was slow. Then we switched to private lessons and her sister started to swim and the elder learned fast. We took a break because we were driving every Saturday to the pool which was a little over 14 miles. Recently this past May, I made the younger take lessons and in 1.5 months she whipped through at least 3 levels. I think it helped she was older (9) and stopped after learning the backstroke. Swimming is such an important life skill. And yay for more water babies!
Jennifer Hays said…
Gosh, I wish we had a crash-course swim class here. Do you know how many years I've spent waiting for my kids to just get through the lessons already? Too many! Yikes. The standards are inconsistent, the teachers have very different ideas of what constitutes "passing" and the whole thing is just becoming a drag for me, though they still seem to be enjoying it a lot. Which is the important thing, I keep telling myself. :)
Hena Tayeb said…
Seriously! I am so happy I discovered this lady. She runs it out of her home and 10 classes later D was jumping off a diving board swimming several feet with his head in the water.. no googles!
Hena Tayeb said…
Agreed.. I believe everyone should learn how to swim..
karen said…
happy birthday to your son! Growing fast. I bet you ate whenever you wanted when Ramadan was finished :) Our summer is mixed with busy and slow. I'm am glad. We are hoping that our daughter and son in law will be moving to the east coast at then end of summer (I've never prayed so hard for something!). If this happens we will be busy helping them.
Decor To Adore said…
You truly are making the most of your summer with those two darling boys. Enjoy!
Sounds like it's been a busy summer!
Carrie said…
I never have much look with my strawberries, not sure why I keep trying every year. My daughter still needs to learn how to swim, I wish they had a crash course here!

Emmylou said…
Belated Happy Bday to D:) And strawberries are hard to grow IMO so you should be proud of your crop!
PS That's great news about the swimming. I've never heard of a crash course like that.
Belated birthday wishes to D! That's so cool that you're growing your own strawberries!
Happy birthday to your son! These strawberries look delicious!
Laura B said…
I'm interested in that swimming crash course! It sounds promising!
Unknown said…
What a good day, I hope you enjoyed it!

My Vogue Style |
I'm glad the crash swimming course was successful. Happy birthday to D! Soon to be a second grader?!?!? The boys are getting big and are SOOO cute!
I bet swim class kept you busy. Of the friends I know who have done that it has been intense!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style
Marie said…
I find that blogging in the summer is hard. It's so nice out, I would rather be outside soaking up the sunshine.
Happy birthday to your little one! That's such a fun age, my younger sister is just now 10, and 6-10 have been so much fun for me! :) Swimming is so great for kids to know. Glad you've had some strawberries, I am in awe, because I have a black thumb! :P XO - Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things
Sakuranko said…
Oh my best wishes to your little boy~ So cute pics
Blogging in the Summer is challenging and I have not been up to my usual posts either. We just need to embrace this sweet time of the year and enjoy strawberries, children and such!
Angela said…
Your strawberries looks good. I used to have a strawberry bed years ago when we lived in a farm and I miss that. It's great the boys are learning to swim. Happy birthday to your boy!!
Laura Mitbrodt said…
How cute, happy birthday!
awhite said…
I wish I could grow my own strawberries- don't think my yard gets enough sun?

Le Stylo Rouge
My strawberries were so small this year! I think it may be due to the heat, and it getting so hot so fast!
Learning to swim is so important. Glad you were able to find a crash course! I would love to grow strawberries in my yard. They look so good!

Doused In Pink
Aww Your boys are so adorable! It sounds like you all are having a fun (and busy) summer!
Kati said…
Your boys are so cute! Just take time off from blogging whenever you feel to, family and friends are so important!

Almost Stylish
Rachel said…
My blog always suffers in the summer, such is life! Lovely pics, as always. What handsome guys!
Heather Noire said…
They are adorable! Such a great way to spend the season :)

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