Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

D's Birthday wasn't the only thing we were celebrating this summer. Just days after school ended we were informed that D had been selected for a gifted program in school! Letting the proud mama moment soak in for a bit :)

Earlier in the year D had completed his first big chapter book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' all by himself and when we discovered that Willy Wonka was coming to Broadway we knew we had to go see it. It was his reward for working so hard throughout the school year and doing so well. But before we went to see the show we took a trip down to Hershey's Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania to make some chocolate. M's sister had come to visit with her husband and kids and it was a fun way to spend the day. Though I do think they went a little crazy with the hairnet requirements.

and then earlier this month we took D to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway. 

It was a fantastic show.. a great first experience for D. I couldn't have imagined a better way to introduce him to the magic of theater. He sat at the edge of his seat, the performances magnificent. I was a little unsure of how they would translate the book in terms of book design and surprisingly they went with a very minimalistic approach and yet it worked perfectly. 

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Mree said…
Oh what fun!! I wanna celebrate my birthday at that place.
Jennifer Hays said…
That looks like so much fun! You all look so happy. Good job, D! He's doing really well. You have so much to be proud of!
Wow! What a fun, fun (and thematic) few events! Completely impressed by his chapter book choice as well. You should be proud.
Christina said…
Your little man is just so cute with his big grin, happy as can be. Two big chocolate adventures in one month, lucky you all :-) My kids went to a chocolate factory in Switzerland last week (with their gran, I was not there), it is such a fun thing to do with children young and old. I remember my own adventure to the chocolate factory when I was little, although back then it was 'just' a tour and tasting, no workshops. The broadway experience sounds amazing, too. x
Unknown said…
What a fun day!!! :) Wish I get to visit the Hershey's Chocolate Factory too! I've only been to M&Ms world <3 Would love to see that show too! I'll always be a kid at heart!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Airish
Gorgeous Glance
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness ! One of of favorite books and movies ! Seeing it on Broadway would be so fun ! Happy Tuesday !
Anvilcloud said…
Nice outings for the boy. There used to be a Hershey's factory near us, but they packed up and left. Sadly.
What a fun show and cool experience for your family! Thanks for sharing.
Emmylou said…
Aaaaw....congrats to D:) What a smart young man he is. And OMG! That Hershey's factory....I wanna live there! hehe
Anonymous said…
Aw, man; didn't I comment on this post? I probably used the Bloglovin' app but maybe it didn't go through. I noticed this for another blog I follow via this reader. So let me resay...
What a fantastic birthday. This looks like such a fun place to visit. Your boy is so happy. I love how you do so much for your kids; you're a great mum.
And I think it's so cool you have a copy of The Outsiders to pass down to them. That book was amazing and I'm so glad I read it.
Good job D! What a fabulous day!
Stephanie said…
Such a great place for celebration :)
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karen said…
congrats to your son on being placed in the gifted program, I hope this feeds his learning! Love the photos, and I need to get to hershey - I haven't been yet, but it's on our list of places to see and go.
Two such special experiences for him! I love how excited the faces in every photo are! XO - Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite childhood movies. So fun that you got to see it on broadway!

Doused in Pink
What an eventful summer for D! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory must be such a fun show for kids!
awhite said…
How cool! And Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is such a classic!

Le Stylo Rouge
Chelsey said…
Well done proud Mumma! That's great news :) looks like you all had so much fun celebrating.
Elle Sees said…
What a fabulous birthday!!! I wouldn't mind that as an adult, haha.
Jane said…
That looks like so much fun! Glad D enjoyed it.
Such an amazing blog about the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I really appreciate you work which you have done well.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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