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I have more travel posts coming.. I promise. Just haven't found the time to go through the rest of the pictures yet. Till then..

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I used to be one of those people who remembered everyone's birthday. I even had a card guy I visited regularly. And then came the internet and Facebook. Life got busier and it was just so much easier to write on someone's wall and now there are just so many ways to say Happy Birthday.. most not very personal. I miss the personal touch, the phone calls and the cards.

With Mother's Day coming up and my mom continents away I was thinking of something more than a phone call. The postal system back home sucks so sending something was out of the question. I wasn't really thinking that a card would do until I spotted this one.

I couldn't have said it better myself.. and I found this gem at Paperless Post. Paperless Post is the brain child of siblings James and Alexa Hirschfeld to prove that communication could be personal and well-designed regardless of the medium.

I spent sometime perusing their website.. wishing I had a party to plan so I could use some of their beautiful invitations. How about a surprise party?

or these totally cute kid's birthday invites.. they can all be easily customized and personalized with a change of font or text. You can even upload your own pictures.

Along with cards and invites they also have stationary and everything you may possibly need to plan the perfect wedding including programs, menu's etc all designed by the likes of Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade and the list goes on..

And for the forgetful sort you can schedule your cards delivery so you never miss another birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day ever again. Speaking of Father's Day, they already have a large collection of cards available so you can get a head start on your shopping now. 

and something I loved, coming from an under represented minority.. they even had Ramadan cards.

Now let's talk money. They have a huge selection of free digital cards and invites. You can customize the text, schedule and send for free. But if you decide you want the extras like logo's, backdrops, digital envelopes then a small fee is added. Paperless Post uses it's own currency they call coins. You can purchase 20 coins for $6.00 and each card with all the bells and whistles cost about 2 - 3 coins, a great price considering the quality of the card/invite. 

But now the bit I wasn't too fond of.. if you decide you don't want to send a digital card but want to old school it with a paper card you can no longer use coins.. now it costs real money. Which isn't a deal breaker of course. Paperless Post mentions repeatedly don't buy coins first. See what you like, create the order and see how many if any coins you need before making that purchase. But mixing currencies, their own and the real kind to me just seems like work especially for the math illiterate like myself 

I'm going to go back to party planning while you check out Paperless Post for some inspiration yourself.. 

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Carrie said…
This does sound like a great way to send a card, especially if that person is far away (like your mom!). The coin idea does sound good and too bad you can't do it for real cards, too! Maybe they'll change that later down the road?

I've seen this site before. They have such great designs!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style
I like the designs that they have, though I love love love real paper and snail mail! :) Travel pictures always take me AGES to finish! XO - Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things
Emmylou said…
Oooo...they have really fun graphics esp. those for kids' bday parties! Thanks for the heads up on this site, Hena:) And I do agree about the mixing of currencies, but hey...if it works for some peeps:D
Chelsey said…
Great idea! Have fun with the party planning :)
I've used Paperless Post for event invites! They have such fun designs!
BLovedBoston said…
Love paperless post - I use them all the time! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
I love Paperless Post and have used them several times. Thanks for reminding me about them again!
Laura Mitbrodt said…
I love paperless post, they have such cute stuff
Elle Sees said…
This sounds like a great service!
WOW Great post!
follow or follow? let me know
awhite said…
This is such a cute idea!

Le Stylo Rouge
Anonymous said…
This is a creative service; the e-card you had picked for your mum is terrific. I bet she misses you all so. And yes, it's nice to have a little tradition, especially since we are so Americanized and don't really follow any cultural traditions.
Unknown said…
This is a great idea to give digital communication a personal touch. Thanks for sharing!
Adi xx
Heather Noire said…
I love the way you did this! It is so creative and very fun :) I am excited to see more of your travel posts as well <3
Laura Jones said…
i love sending and receiving "real" cards (and mail in general) - i still make diy cards as well, haha! but i also like these, especially the first one you found is very sweet! xx
So many cool digital cards!
Vanessa said…
They have beautiful designs!
Julia said…
i love this site! always use it!

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