Friday Photography


On the way Down - I am fascinated by spiral staircases, I love the depth and repetition when you look down or up at them from a mid point. The effect is often dizzying. Inside the Tower of Belem, Portugal there were these narrow winding concrete steps; a black and white toning simply added to their character.

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Unknown said...

Great post hun xx


Ryan said...

Great shot, looks great in black and white and with high contrast.

Unknown said...

They are a bit mysterious, making me wonder where they lead to and they also remind me of parts in books where the heroine and hero have to travel down to unknown parts of a place, where danger lurks.

Rachel said...

Spiral staircases are so interesting. Great capture!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Spiral staircases are so cool!

Jill said...

Very nice pictures! I have always been fascinated by grand staircases and stairwells also! Have a great week!


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