The Boys Make Some Art

Since even before we started working on the boys rooms I had wanted to do this with them. I had bought the canvas' at Micheals and waited for the perfect warm sunny summer day because there was no way I was going to set H loose in the house with paint.

What's interesting is how their personalities are perfectly depicted in their painting style :)
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Anonymous said…
That is a fun way to have a memorable accent in one's room.
Kelsey Bang said…
they did such a great job! so cute!
Oh I love it! What a fun piece of art.
What a nice idea. It looks great!
Have a nice week,
Elle Sees said…
How cute!!
Emmylou said…
Aaaaaaw....the boys did a great job:)
Unknown said…
That is too cute! I love how you cherished their art!
Little masterpieces. Love them!
What a fun art idea!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style
How fun that they each have their own personalized piece of art for their rooms!
Joanna Joy said…
This room is so cute.
karen said…
both of my children loved to paint and create and be busy with crafts. I have many of their creations framed and hung around the house. Lovely artwork!!
sugarlens said…
Good for you for doing art project with your kids, I haven't done it in so long!

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