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Just a Dash of Pink - Every year around the end of March till the mid of April Washington DC is pretty in pink. Everywhere you go you see these beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom. These trees were in fact a gift from the Japanese back in 1912. When I saw these blossoms they were so delicate I wanted that to come across in the image. The photograph had many flowers, pink petals everywhere but the emphasis on just how soft and light these petal were wasn't coming through to my liking. Hence, I thought the method of selective coloring would do it better justice.

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Love this print but don't think your wall is ready just yet.. how about this print on other things?! Check these beauties out.

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  1. So beautiful!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  2. Love. It makes me feel like a Red Riding Hood stopping to smell the flowers along the way or a princess peering through the flower foliage.

  3. Thanks for the food love. We are really diggin' lettuce wraps for dinner. I never get tired of it.

  4. That picture works very well on a dress!


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