The Musical Connection

With all the renovations and everything being moved about I am on a decluttering kick.. we donated six bags last month and I have another six waiting to be sent out this week. Then there were the more gently used.. or unused items. I have two large box full that I am very slowly going through.. photographing and listing on to eBay.

While I was at it I began to look at the photographs and prints listed in my shop with a more critical eye and my website got a makeover.

And while listening to music I decided delete the songs I always skipped instead of skipping them all the time.. but then I got to a song that I almost deleted but stopped. Nostalgia took over. I know people hold on to clothes and such for similar reasons but I don't. But when it came time my music I paused. Now if my holding on to these particular songs had anything to do with my life I may be okay with but these songs are actually tied to the monumental moments in a fictional character life.. yup. 

So time to confess.. what song do you love mainly because of a tv show or movie? It may be a great song.. but your initial love affair with it started because of tv/movie. Here are mine. When I here these songs I am transported back to those shows, those scene's and moments.. 

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sarah McLachlan's - Full of Grace. Spoiler Alert - It's right after Buffy kills souless Angel but only seconds before his soul returns and she still has to kill him.. and this song played and I cried.

2. Roswell - Sheryl Crow's - I Shall Believe - Future Max comes to tell Liz she has to break up with present day Max and they have their last dance to this song. This one I am slowly starting to get a bit more fuzzy one. 

3. Grey's Anatomy - two songs both having to do with Izzie and Denny.. once again Spoiler Alert lol.. but Snow Patrol's - Chasing Cars when Denny dies.. omg the crying.. and then Unkle Bob's Swans this is actually a really good song when Izzie feels the presence of Denny in spirit. 

4. Veronica Mars - Mike Doughty's - I Hear the Bells - Drunk Logan tells Veronica that their love story is epic.. the moment could not be more perfect. Of course he wakes up the next morning and doesn't remember the moment! 

5. Supernatural - Kansas' - Carry on my Wayward Son - seriously this song was made for this show.. it first played toward the end of the first season and from then on it has become the shows opening song.. Supernatural has a great 80's soundtrack.. you really can't go wrong with any of their songs.. But another one that really stayed with me was Styx's - Renegade.. seriously.. it was as if it too was written was that exact moment.. when Sam and Dean fall under the police's radar. 

I'm sure there are more.. but these are the ones that have really stuck with me.. 

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Anvilcloud said…
I can't name a specific song, but I know they can take us to a place long past.
Anonymous said…
Ho dang, that's a good question. You know most of the music I love is what I grew up with in 80's and 90's. One movie song I love is Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight." I like how it starts slow with minimal music and then builds up to that drum.
I hope the wasps leave you and your ohana alone. My tween's school last semester had to have a wasp nest taken away. Some kids like her friends were getting stung in a certain area. The school had it investigated and found a wasp nest.
The theme song for Dawson's Creek (I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over) takes me back to freshman year of high school and the friends I used to watch it with :)
BLovedBoston said…
Oh my gosh I need to do that with my music too - wastes so much time! xo, Biana
Hena Tayeb said…
Jennifer - accidentally deleted your comment. 'So funny that you mentioned Gray's Anatomy because I CANNOT hear The Fray's "How to Save a Life" without thinking of that show. I think it might have been in the first episode. This one is kind of silly, but I can't hear "Losing My Religion" by REM without thinking of Beverly Hills, 90210. LOL. There was a scene where Brenda and Dylan were breaking up, in his Porsche at the beach, I think, after she had a pregnancy scare, and that song was in it, or near it. Jeez...I need a life! '
Carolina said…
I love music, and it's true that it can take you back to a memory in an instant:)
Emmylou said…
You know, I don't even watch Grey's Anatomy, but I did see the musical episode they did, so pretty much every time I hear How To Save A Life, it's Kevin McKidd I have in my head. That song is always on repeat in our car:D
Veronica Lee said…
The song "Can you read my mind?" was playing on the radio just as I was reading this! That song from Superman (Christopher Reeves) used to be my favourite.
Oh great post! I LOVE Snow Patrol and I love Denny (JDM) - he's now on The Good Wife and I'm smitten. ;)
I'm racking my brain trying to think of others and, of course, can't. I often hear songs on commercials that I end up shazamming, downloading, and adding to my playlists.
karen said…
I value photos more than songs on my phone so I have little music on my phone. I've been in decluttering mode as well here, I blitzed through two linen closets and made tons of room :)
I love music and right now I am more into instrumental New Age. So soothing.
Elle Sees said…
i've never seen grey's anatomy!
Lisa said…
You are so right! Shonda Rhimes is such a pro at tying the song to what's going on in the story line. It always makes me wonder if the storyline came before the song or vice versa.LOL
Laura Jones said…
oh my, those buffy and veronica mars moments! i always find good music in tv shows and films, haha:-) also, that sounds like a lot of decluttering, good on you! xx
Joanna Joy said…
Great job doing your spring cleaning! At least music doesn't add that much clutter.
J.Crabbit said…
haha Freshmen year! yes! that played along with sugar ray every single day as my sister drove me to school.
I am in a super de-clutter phase too. I think my husband is probably scared to leave the house each morning with all of the stuff I have been getting rid of this spring. I loved your list of songs. Grey's Anatomy definitely features some good ones!
I know what you mean about certain songs. Damien Rice's Delicate on Lost gets me every time.
Abby said…
Yes! Music from tv shows are always a great find!

Sybil said…
i love roswell! :D

Have a great day!
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Decor To Adore said…
Good for you for decluttering!
Gabrielle said…
Ah, I love how you mention deleting the songs you skip instead of continuously skipping them, I seem to forever be doing the latter! Some tracks certainly have positive connotations; I like your selections! I can't think of any on the top of my head, but I have often downloaded songs after hearing them in films :)

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