Friday Photography

I want to start off by saying I am very excited to start a new venture. Hena Tayeb Photography will now be accepting wholesale orders! Spread the word!

Hand of the Help - Color, wrinkles, nails, veins, slenderness and length; so many things make up a hand, so many characteristics. Each hand different from the last, each hand with its own personality, with its own story. This hand is of a janitorial woman working in my college. She was taking a break, resting her hand and taking a breath, some peace from her otherwise tiresome day. The contrast of the color of her skin and her clothes, the position and placement of her hand, her posture, everything came together to make what would seem like an ordinary image into an extraordinary photograph.  

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  1. I think with age face and hands of people become more beautiful, because the acquire characteristics of human life and destiny. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ohhhh! well, this is interesting! i'll check out some of your work!


  3. Congratulations on the new feature :) The hand piece is beautiful.

  4. Congratulations in this new venture. I think it's great how someone's eye can point out something to us that we usually take for granted.

  5. that hand photo is beautiful! and congrats and good luck with the wholesaling! xx

  6. What a warm and loving image. I adore how you have captured the hardworking grace of these hands.

  7. Such an unusual subject, but one that's beautiful to look at. Well done seizing the opportunity and taking the photograph.

  8. Hand of Help is beautiful, and it's fun to read the story behind it :)


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