Birthday Getaway

As most of you may know we had planned a little kid free getaway in December for our anniversary that didn't exactly go as planned. So when our birthdays rolled around.. happened to fall on a weekend.. and my mom was visiting an impromptu getaway seemed perfect. Not wanting to venture too far away from home we picked a cute little bed and breakfast about an hour away.

We started my birthday on Saturday with breakfast at home with the family and then headed to the mall for some shopping. We hardly ever get a chance to go to the mall.. and it is even rarer to get an opportunity to go without the kids. We have become online shoppers.. So in a mall.. we hardly knew what to do.. and so instinct took over and we ended up shopping for the boys.. Boy do we suck at this pampering ourselves business. Without the filters of online shopping it seemed a bit mind boggling to scan the racks.. but we didn't not give up till we both bought at least one item for ourselves. The word LOSERS! comes to mind.

And then we were back on the road headed towards our destination.. we stopped at a dinner a few blocks away from the bed and breakfast. The area was a bit questionable.. but the diner had good reviews and we were hungry.. so we crossed our fingers and hoped to God we weren't entering the murder dinner. Thank God once inside it was all good.. we shared a delicious Ruben between the two of us.

and then made our way to The Lily Inn

Here we met Murray the inn keeper and more famously known as the 'hugger'.. in our less than 24 hours there we received three hugs each and two hugs to take home to share with the boys. We were given a tour of the beautiful property and learnt of all the history surrounding us. Unknown to us the city of Burlington, New Jersey was home to Benjamin Franklin and Ulysses S Grant, the underground railroad was once accessible from the basement of the Inn, two doors down stood a building where the first colonial currency was printed and so on.. after the history lesson we made our way up the three flights of steps.. on the way admiring all the other beautifully done rooms till be got to ours.. the Lydia Richie

We spent of the rest of the day holed up in the pretty pink room..

We had dinner reservations at Maggiano's Little Italy were we had a divine meal.

and finished off with the most amazing chocolate hazelnut cheesecake ever! 

The next morning, M's birthday, we woke up to the 'Huggers' special french toast and an interesting conversation with both the hosts and another couple spending the night. This was our first bed and breakfast experience and while hesitant at first it was interesting.. and may even be repeated. 

Soon after we started on our way home.. and since we hadn't had enough dessert in the past few days we took a little detour to pick up the famous Broad Street Dough Co donuts

and then came home to celebrate the rest of our day with the boys.. in their new clothes. D had picked out the card.. he found the idea of his dad butt falling off hilarious.. upon seeing the card H ran around the house convinced he had to cut everyone's butts off with his play saw! 

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Jennifer Hays said…
What a nice getaway you guys had! Your room is beautiful and I would also enjoy visiting a place with so much history. And look at that two ate like royalty there. Yum. I'm glad you had a nice time. I laughed about "murder diner"; it's the same kind of thing I would have said about it. :)
Carolina said…
What a beautiful place to stay! I'm glad you two had a wonderful time!!:)
Emmylou said…
Your boys are too cute:) And the inn looks lovely.
BLovedBoston said…
What a wonderful birthday getaway!! Loving the food you had! xo, Biana
Melissa said…
So glad you guys got away! Sounds like the perfect little vacay. I've never done a b & b with Mr. Hausfrau either but might try it now! Ha!!! Butts falling off :P
sugarlens said…
We are a fan of Maggiano's! It's where we had our wedding reception :)
Loulou said…
It's neat that your birthdays are so close together like that! Happy birthday to you(s)!

Sounds like it was a fun little getaway.
What a charming looking inn, and those donuts look sooooooo good!
karen said…
happy birthday to the two of you and what fun to go out for an overnight getaway. I bet the children missed you so :)
Elle Sees said…
yay for a birthday getaway!! and i love how you immediately started shopping for the boys--that
's parents right there!
Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad you got some adult time away :) Those donuts look amazing!!
Happy Birthday to you both :)
Decor To Adore said…
What a wonderful way to spend the day! Make sure you link up this gem on Thoughts of Home on Thursday because it has such lovely images.
Alexandra S said…
Looks like such a wonderful birthday! And that b&b is too cute!
The inn sounds lovely, and the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake looks delicious :)
That B&B looks stunning! It is always such a treat to get some kid-free time to recharge. I have the same problem when trying to shop for myself... I always leave with stuff for the boys. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!
Ha! I'm still laughing about the butt card. :) Sounds like a great getaway! The inn is darling and can we just talk about those donuts?!?! They look amazing!
byTheArtBug said…
sounds like a fun trip! the food looks yum!
Anvilcloud said…
It looks a a short but excellent getaway. Maybe the best kind of getaway.
Joanna Joy said…
Oh my! All this food looks delicious:) I want to eat it all. It's good to see you had a great time.
Stefanie said…
OMGosh, I'm craving donuts! What a lovely getaway you two had. That room is so nice and bright.
Claire said…
Fabulous getaway!

God bless,

XO, Claire


Laura Jones said…
happy belated birthday! sounds like you had the loveliest time and the food looks good! :-) xx
What a perfect getaway! I lobe B&Bs, and all the food looks simply delicious!
Cam & Sarah said…
Those donuts look amazing! Happy belated birthday. Looks like a lovely weekend away.
Krugthethinker said…
I'm so sorry I am late to comment on this, but am super happy you had a chance to get away just the two of you! Even if you were shopping for the boys:) That room is so lovely, and the dad butt hilarious!
Stacey said…
Your family is adorable. I know you and your husband really enjoyed a little get away without kiddos. Those are important times. :)

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