Just the Three Of Us: Wildwood

Towards the end of August.. which now seems like a lifetime ago, we planned a little beach getaway. The main purpose of this getaway was to getaway from H. I was in the process of trying to wean him meaning he was being super clingy.. D on the other hand was in need of some attention and extra loving.. so we spent a few nights in Wildwood while grand parents took care of the little one. Thank God for grand parents.

We with some hesitation we picked a motel close to the beach.. The Blue Palms Resort. The motel was made up of the main building with a large pool and a small side building with a small pool. We opted for the  small side building and it turned out perfectly. While everyone flocked to the larger pool we most of the time had the smaller pool to ourselves.. total win.

We started our mornings off at the beach, afternoons in the pool, we squeezed in a nap and then spent the night on the boardwalk. It was just what we needed.. the water was perfect, the beach not too crowded.

The morning of our return we decided to first head a little further south and drive through the much talked about Cape May. We now see what all the fuss is about.. the beaches pristine, the water endless and so quite it was almost eerie, it was beautiful. D spotted the lighthouse from a distance and his interest made us take yet another detour from home and we headed to the lighthouse. Built in 1859 and continues operation to this day, with 199 steps to the top.

We headed out sometime before noon, stopping for a quick bite to eat before returning back home. While H was greatly missed, we are glad we got a chance to spend some quality time with D.

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Jennifer Hays said…
What a great thing to do. It must have been good for all of you - H could have the break he needed to effectively wean and D had a chance to be the only child again for a little while. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I love D's face in the photo with the pancakes, he looks like he can't wait to dig in! So cute. I hope you're having a good week so far, Hena.
Alexandra S said…
Very cute! I love that you took time to spend with just child as well - I think kids love that every once in awhile - and then you can do the same for the other down the road :)
Gabrielle said…
These are such family photos - it both looks and sounds as though you had a great time! A huge 'yum' to the pancakes too - ah, craving those!! haha :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice
Stefanie said…
That is sweet, taking the firstborn on a special weekend holiday. Great fun you three had.
Emmylou said…
This looked like such a fun getaway for you guys:)
What a nice time, and a special trip for D! I bet he enjoyed being the center of attention. How did the baby handle your absence? :)
Kelsey Bang said…
cute pictures! looks like a fun adventure!
Tina said…
You have an adorable family!

Veronica Lee said…
Such precious moments! Those pancakes look divine! As a middle child in a family of three girls, I lived for moments like this when I could have Mom and Dad all to myself!
Elle Sees said…
i know he appreciated that memory of attention being on him and not having to share! ;) looks like a great family trip!
karen said…
I love cape may and used to take the kids there every single summer for a week :) Good times!! You and your family are so sweet!! Glad you had a fun time!
Frannie Pantz said…
This is such an adorable idea--all kids need a little one-on-one attention from time to time. How special for both of your kiddos!
marilovesgr33n said…
these are definitely best moments in life
What a beautiful beach!
Sybil said…
aaww fun times! :D

Have a great week!
Animated Confessions
June said…
What a fun day you had with your family!
June Wants It All - Indian fashion and lifestyle blog
jackie jade said…
Looks like a fun day out. Making me miss beach weather!
Claire said…
What a great day!

God bless,
XO, Claire
I like this a lot!

oh gosh I bet he just looooved that attention for you two! So sweet that you could give it to him like that.
Krugthethinker said…
This is so sweet and such a good idea! Thank goodness for grandparents indeed!

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