Friday Photography - Halloween

I know while I usually reserve Fridays for some photography today I'd like to share with you instead some of my more earlier work.. some of my illustrations.. I don't do them anymore.. maybe I'll start again when I have for free time on my hands.. Here's the Halloween edition.. 

Each design is available on multiple products.. more designs and goodies and can be seen and purchase here

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Veronica Lee said…
Awesome! My fave is the haunted house.
Happy Weekending, Hena!
Loulou said…
These are great! I hope you do start illustrating again. Have a great weekend Hena
Sharon said…
You are getting me in the mood!
The Halloween theme is perfect for this month. Just a few more weeks to go :)

Rowena @ rolala loves
Cam & Sarah said…
Wow! You're quite talented as an illustrator. You should definitely get back into it. I love them all!
Great work! That's talent right there. :) Hope you find the time to illustrate soon. Your talent is amazing.
Awesome job! We hope you find time to illustrate soon. Your work is amazing.
Stefanie said…
Dang girl, you are so talented!
Unknown said…
I love the post! Have a wonderful weekend:)
Abby said…
Wow... You have talent! I've always wished that I was good at illustration. Just imagine making your imagination come to life. I can't draw stick figures to save my life.

This is such a lovely read. Have a great day! :D

Wow I had no idea you also could draw. These designs are amazing. You are one super talented mumma!

You definitely have an eye for art and I absolutely love these designs. These illustrations are definitely wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Kia / KTS
sugarlens said…
You are so talented! I like the tote bag, not sure I could pull off the spider skirt though!
esosandra said…
Interesting design.
Valerie said…
That skirt is way cute!
The Jack O Lanterns tote is really cute!
Joanna Joy said…
These items look so fun! Thanks for sharing.
Janika said…
totally love the print on skirt and bag Hena.
Love the pumpkin design. I wish halloween was more of a thing here, it always seems so much fun!

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