Digger Land

After all that adventuring without the kids we thought we'd have a family fun day.. I had been meaning to check out Digger Land for over a year.. it is New Jersey's very own construction themed amusement park.. 

All the rides were quite simple.. the main attraction was of course getting to ride and or sit behind the wheel of these massive machines.. D was ecstatic.. M and my brother got a kick out of it too.. unfortunately H was barely allowed to sit on one ride.. it was a great way to spend a couple of hours.. 

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Krugthethinker said…
That looks so cool! In a few years, we will have a big fan of it too:)
Stefanie said…
This place looks like such fun for kids who love machinery and are fascinated by what they do.
dreneewilson said…
Oh, wow. I know quite a few kiddos that would be beside themselves at this place! Looks like you had fun. :)
Unknown said…
Looks like a ton of fun!!!
Never heard of such a thing. A little kid's dream!
Abby / Linda said…
Looks like loads of fun!
sugarlens said…
Looks like a great day out. And the grandparents seem to have fun too.
Emmylou said…
This looks like such a fun place, for the kids and the kids-at-heart:)
Veronica Lee said…
Ah, I remember D's fascination for diggers! So glad he got to visit Digger Land.
Elle Sees said…
that looks like fun!!
This is so good! Hope you have a fantastic wednesday!

Alexandra S said…
I've heard of places like this but I don't think I have any near by. They look like so much fun!
That park looks so fun!
Oh poor H. That would have sucked. But it still looks like an enjoyable day. Maybe you can return again soonish!

Sybil said…
how cool and fun is this!? thanks for sharing!

Have a great day!
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