The Basement

For my regular readers.. you all know we've been working on our basement since last winter.. it was a big unfinished space and we wanted to make sure whatever we did we did right. Living on the east coast means most of the year it's too cold or wet to go out and we wanted to make a space where our boys could escape to in the winter.. we wanted a place we could hang out with friends.. .. we wanted a lot.. so striking the perfect balance was not easy. So I made layouts.. and more layouts and then we started to meet with contractors.. in case you missed it here's my post about Hiring a Contractor

We started with a large dark rectangular space with an ugly green staircase running down the middle. Our solution.. creating a U shaped space with a large closet running from underneath the staircase to the end of the room..

The layout in its simplest form. The previous owner or the builder thought it was a good idea to scatter the utilities throughout the room.. so we had to create three more closets one for each, the heating, electric and water.. seriously!

Walls were created.. and what a difference it makes.

 The Adult Side

The Kid Side

The Space between the two sides and in front of the staircase

You see how the ceiling is uneven and all these soffits had to be made.. well again that was thanks to the brilliance of the previous owner or builder they thought it made more sense to layer the ducts on top of one another and make clusters instead of spreading them out evenly.. 

Next the walls were painted Behr's Silver Charm.. there is so much in a name.. isn't there? And the carpet laid.

Between the painting and the carpet we cooked up a little surprise for the boys. M took a few days off and with the help of my dad we made a little something.. this post will start to get too long.. so come back next week and I'll show you just what we did.

Have you seen the rest of the house.. take a peek at what else we've been up to. Inside Our Home

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  1. I really like the Silver Charm walls.
    Can't wait to see what the "little something" is that was made as a surprise for the boys!

  2. I can't wait to see the rest. It looks fantastic so far! I love the wall color. I also really like that you made a kid space and an adult space, it will be useful and comfy for everyone that way.

  3. Oh, my! What a transformation! I love the colors you chose too. Living in Nebraska as a kid I remember having a basement to play in all winter and it was awesome.

  4. Looking good so far, Hena:) Can't wait to see what else you guys did.

  5. Wow!! Great transformation!! Looks so perfect for the family!! Xoxo


  6. What, what a change, and I am curious about that surprise :-)

  7. WOW! Awesome! Can't wait to see the rest!

  8. oh wow - this is incredible. You made such a good job here. so cool.

  9. How exciting! What a big change.

  10. Looks great! We are working on our basement too, but it's on hold for outside projects now ;-)


  11. Living on the west coast, we are not versed in the unfinished basement option. After going to college in New England I've seen them in all their glory. It's amazing how much more space they add to the house. Your transformation is incredible! I can't wait for the surprise!

  12. Eek, it's looking so good so far!

  13. ooh, it's looking great! x

  14. Wow! It is looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the surprise.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  15. That's looking like a great space!

  16. Wow, your basement looks great!

  17. This space looks amazing. You guys have done well with what you had to work with. I've been looking for my own place and damn it some people put crap in the most inconvenient spaces! Ahhh it's all driving me nuts. Especially places where the master rooms ensuite has a sink and shower. Why?! That has been my biggest pet-peeve.


  18. Wow, what a change. You must love it!


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