A New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful love, family and food filled Holiday season.. and a great New Year. The last few days of our year were spent spending time with family. My mom has been visiting for the past few months and around Christmas my dad flew in and will be spending a little over a month with us. D had been counting down the days and is now ecstatic. We spent and still are doing weekly movie nights Home Alone was a huge hit in our house, sipping hot coco and playing games, UNO, Dominos, Foosball

We also spent those days wrapping things up.. M took over a week off work and we tied up all the loose ends on our home projects.. pictures and details will come soon. While it was exhausting towards the end seeing the projects come to a close have been also very exciting and rewarding. You can take a look at some of our other home projects here

Other days were spent doing a few last minute tasks for Hasan's big birthday bash.. yup can you believe it, he is one! With us as a community first birthdays are a big deal.. meaning a big party and a big guest list.. it would have been huge if we were back home.. hundreds of people.. seriously. Pictures to come.

And if things couldn't get anymore exciting we.. I am busy planning a trip to Orlando! A day in the Magic Kingdom, a day in Lego Land and a Day in Sea World. Tips, tricks and food recommendations welcome.

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Jennifer Hays said…
Happy new year, Hena! It looks like you had such a nice visit with your mom. I love all the photos, especially the one with you and her and the baby. I hope you have fun planning the Disney trip, I would love to go someday too.
Happy New Year! It sounds like it's off to a great start!
Emmylou said…
The Orlando trip sounds like it will be lots of fun:)
Happy New Year!
Melissa said…
He is ONE?!?! Where does the time go? Hope the party is a huge bash...he'll love it. Wish I had some Disney tips for you...alas I do not.

We had home alone on a lot too. My seven year old Oliver is positively inspired by the boobie traps! Should I be worried? Not sure...

Happy New Year!
LeeLee said…
Aw, Happy New Year! :)
Happy New Year I can hear in you words and see on your faces! Your sons are growing up so beautifully! Lovely photos. Have a great time on your vacations
We have to watch Home Alone in my house, too. Happy New Year!
Veronica Lee said…
Happy New Year, dear Hena!
Happy New Year and congrats on the first birthday. I've been doing some small chores around the house that needed to be done for quite a while now. Very rewarding indeed.
Stefanie said…
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou. How lovely to have your mum about. She must miss you guys very much. In Chinese culture, we have a red egg and ginger party. Traditionally it's done when the baby is young but some like us, had it when our kids were one. Can't wait to see more of the big bash.
joiedevivre said…
Looks like you had a great holiday, and busy as well :) Congrats on your little one turning the big ONE. I know you guys will have a blast!
Unknown said…
Happy new year.
I hope you have an amazing time in Orlando.
Hena Tayeb said…
I know it came so fast! The party was great.. will be posting about it soon :)
Lol.. my son was more emotional.. worried Kevin would never see his parents again..
Hena Tayeb said…
thank you
Hena Tayeb said…
it's a classic.. it never gets old.
Hena Tayeb said…
thank you. we have been working on them for a few months now.. i am just itching to finish them so we can start enjoying the fruits of our labor.
Hena Tayeb said…
Red Egg and Ginger.. that's sounds interesting.. surprisingly I have never heard of it before.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a wonderful end to 2014 with lots of fun things to look forward to in 2015! :)
Happy New Year Girl!
The trip to Orlando sounds amazing. Magic Kindom & Lego land: wow!
Susannah said…
I hope you have an amazing 2015!
Orlando should be a blast! If you have time, check out Animal Kingdom too :)
Wow - hundreds of people for a first birthday party sounds both amazing and a nightmare to organise!! I hope you have a wonderful time in Orlando - if they've still got it, I always loved the Winter Summerland Mini Golf!
Lady parisienne said…
Very nice family pictures!!!
Stella said…
Seems that you had good quality time with your family!
I love Home Alone!
Happy New Year by the way!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

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