Canada's African Lion Safari

After spending the day in Niagara we woke up the next morning ready to head back home.. but first my favorite meal of the day breakfast and then some lions.

We had breakfast at the Flying Saucer.. another very satisfying meal. The place is shaped like a giant flying saucer! and of course no meal is complete without the boys both sitting on me while I eat.

Next stop the Lion Safari. The African Lion Safari is in a town called Hamilton an hour northeast of Niagara. M and I had both separately been there before and while I had a great time his was a bit lackluster. On our way there it started to rain.. a heavy downpour that made us think we should probably turn back and head home.. there was no way the animals would be in a good mood with all the rain. But D wanted to see the lions.. so we had no choice but to go on and hope for the best.. well i'm glad we did.. because the rain stopped when we neared the park and by the time me bought tickets the sun started to peak out through the gray clouds.. and like magic it was a perfect day.

 The elephants take a swim in the pond

a llama or alpaca sit in the middle of the road.. just because they can.

beautiful giraffes

white lions

and the monkeys.. oh so funny monkeys had us all amused as they sat on cars and played with antennas.. they were the MVP's of the park.

rhino talking a stroll

and if you ask H about the animals he'll ask 'Animal's? What animals?

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sugarlens said…
The safari looks awesome! I bet it was definitely memorable for D. My kids would have loved the experience.
Stella said…
It must have been such an experience to see all these animals from so close.
The giraffes looked beautiful!
Stella from a A Shiny Place
Oh that looks like a lot of fun - and the flying saucer is such an awesome shape - the breakfast looked good too!
Unknown said…
Great photos! I would freak out if a monkey sat on my car lol :)
Looks like a fun trip, I think I would never get bored by watching animals. Especially monkeys and elephants!
Elle Sees said…
WOW! what a fun experience! i know the kids loved it.
Amazng photos! Looks like an amazing family trip!
Veronica Lee said…
How awesome! And great photos as always, Tanya.
Darcy said…
Wow this looks awesome! You got to see some amazing things!
Laura Jones said…
this looks like so much fun! i've never been to any kind of a safari and really want to! x
Unknown said…
Wow. You really got some great shots of the animals.
Oh, how fun! Looks like a wonderful day, and the pictures are fantastic!
Oh my gosh! You guys got really close. Those white lions are beautiful...actually, all the animals are. What a fund trip. I bet D was amazed!!!
Stefanie said…
What a super cool place. Never seen a white lion before. Whoa. And LOL, monkey butts. I remember in Santa Barbara, kids were asking their mum, what's wrong with their butt?
Ahahaha "what animals!" What a cool place to to take the kiddies!

Unknown said…
Wow, what a cool place, can't believe I haven't heard of it! Wish I'd known of it when I was in Canada :) Thanks a lot for sharing, looks like great fun.
Anonymous said…
How wild! We are going to have to check it out!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about african safari.

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