I know it feels like I just did a lately post.. but I guess I just haven't been blogging enough lately. I am sick, coughing up a storm. H is teething and is just now finally starting to sleep more than a few hours during the night so with sickness I was also severely sleep deprived. A lot has been going on lately.

Last time I showed you some paint being mixed... well the room has been painted now more things are being painted the same color.. we hope to put at least 50%  of it together during the weekend.. finger crossed.. but painting.. doing anything really with a nosy baby is impossible.. we have a huge house filled with toys.. but the only room he wants to be in is the one with the paint.

By the way little H is climbing stairs now.. we have baby gated everything. So he now sits by the gate trying to figure out how to open them.. ps can you believe he is now ten months old!

I had also mentioned some contractors.. well they have arrived and work on the basement has begun.. fingers crossed we are hoping it'll be done before the holidays..

D and I went on our first field trip together.. it was wonderful.. we learnt about the various different kinds of pumpkins, how to bake an apple pie, tasted some fresh donuts and drank cider before going on a hayride and picking a pumpkin.

 H tried to eat it

then D painted it

that's what we've been up to.. what about you?

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Hey there! Thanks for linking up today! Have a great week!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
Hope you feel better soon! That fieldtrip sounds fun! I'd love how to make a homemade apple pie!
oh so sad...sick and sleep deprived. Never ever a good combo. I hope you have a productive week/weekend though and get the basement work done!
Stefanie said…
Aww. Dang cold bug. I'm sorry you're suffering and are getting side swiped by things. Ah, babies and exploring through their mouths. Another stage. That is one cool field trip to go on. We don't have that here.
The photo of H trying to eat the pumpkin is so adorable!
Unknown said…
it's not fun when a family member is sick. so i hope your family will get better soon. thanks for visiting my blog yesterday hena :)
I hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds like a lot going on lately! Best of luck with the basement and paint :)
What an artsy looking pumpkin, and I would love to hear more on that apple pie. Hope you will be feeling better soon!
Jennifer Hays said…
Hi Hena, I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you're feeling better soon. I love the photos in this post, your boys are so cute! I laughed about eating the pumpkin, it does look like something you'd want to sink your teeth into if you didn't know better! So cute.
MILEX said…
Miss Pineapple said…
Kids really keep you busy and exhausted. I only have a dog and sometimes she is just very aggressive about getting attention. I can't imagine a child's needs. Anyway, feel better!!!

Have a sweet day! - Miss Pineapple
Corinne said…
Hope you feel better soon!

What are you having done to the basement? Seems exciting :)

Corinne x
Sounds like a lot is going on. Hope you feel better soon!
Love the pumpkin pictures - they do say that's how you eat an elephant; one bite at a time - so maybe he's onto something!
Unknown said…
Ge4t well soon! The pumpkin is so adorable and looking forward to the new look of the basement!

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Cam & Sarah said…
Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to see the basement completion.
Ellie said…
H is so adorable!
Get well soon Hena!
H with pumpkin is adorable! D's painted pumpkin is really nice.
Wishing you good health, with rest and plenty of water.
Oh fun house stuff! It is such a double edged sword...a beautiful house, BUT it's such a pain and a lot of work. When I lived on the East Coast I longed for a finished basement. Can't wait to see pics.
Yes, I would say a pie field trip would be lots of fun!
Feel better soon.
Veronica Lee said…
Love that photo of H trying to eat the pumpkin. Too cute!
Susannah said…
Awww... I just love the painted pumpkin!
Always Maylee said…
Haha H trying to eat the pumpkin is just priceless!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Jane said…
Aw so cute! Sounds like you've been busy, hope you're feeling better soon!
Little H is so cute! :) I hope you feel better soon!
Christina said…
Sounds like you're having a festive fall!
Aw cute!!! hope you feel better! Get some rest lovely x
Oh I hope you feel better soon and get some sleep at that. I swear every time I come here your boys grow bigger and bigger!

Elle Sees said…
loving the update on your darling family. hope you feel better soon!
Lady parisienne said…
very cute pictures! Have a great week end!
Natalya said…
забавный мальчишка

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