Friday Photography

In the fall 2008 we took a beautiful road trip through New England.. for those who don't know that is North East part of America including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If you haven't had the chance to travel through New England during autumn I suggest you add it to your list.. it is stunning.

On one of our stops in Connecticut we took a trip in an old steam train in Essex. It was idyllic. It reminded me of the time when trains were one of the essential modes of transportation.. and every now and then the train would let out a little tut, it was enchanting. These two photographs are of the plush swiveling chairs inside the train. A different treatment, different angles.. different moods. Which do you prefer?

Sitting Blue and Sitting the Old Fashioned Way are both available for purchase here. They are available in various sizes and price points.

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Anvilcloud said…
They are interesting photos which show the nature of artistry in photography. We all have different visions.
Wow, those are inside of a train? Makes me want to get a trainticket to a far away destination!
Stefanie said…
Oh wow. These are extraordinary shots.
Annie Cholewa said…
They're both stunning shots, it's hard to choose between them, but I think the colour version has the edge for me :)
Decor To Adore said…
What a talent you are! I wish there were more opportunities to ride a train here in the U.S.
Have a beautiful week.
Anonymous said…
I just found you via Etsy, love your blog. I just came back from New England too, check out my blog where I did a post about it if you like ♥
I love those photo's!
Lauren x
Laura Jones said…
ah, i'd love to travel in an old steam train! your trips sounds lovely:-) i think i prefer the first one, mainly because of the amazing colour of the chairs and the contrast of colours and lighting! x

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