Friday Photography

At Work was taken way back in 2007. It is a picture of my then maid, Sakina in her small and modest home where I captured her hands as she used two rocks to grind herbs and spices to make that nights meal. This is a method still used in homes where a mechanical grinder is a luxury and not a necessity. According to Sakina and her mother, herbs ground on a rock maintain the rich flavors that are often lost by all our machines.

This photograph was Exhibited at the Art Gallery House 2012 and Featured in a PictoryMag Showcase but surprisingly never been sold. Lets change that and give this gorgeous piece a home.

At Work will be a great addition to you kitchen, dinning room.. and every other room. Looking for a unique hostess gift or a little something for your friend who loves to cook. The print is available in a variety of price points and can be custom framed and ready to hang.

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Georgia said…
Great photo!
Laura Jones said…
that's a lovely photo, the colours are so vibrant! x
Love the colors in this picture!
Ann said…
That is a beautiful photo.
You can shot the simplest of things and make it art.

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