D Turns Four!

In June our little D turned four.. 4! We can hardly believe it.. I was really excited to plan his fourth birthday.. we didn't have parties for the last two and this was the first year he actually understood the concept of a birthday.. his birthday. A few months before the big event I presented him with theme ideas courtesy of my Pinterest Birthday Board. His pick.. an Alphabet Themed Party. I was not particularly surprised... the kid has 26 imaginary friends.. can you guess who?

And so the planning began.. The Invite.

The Party Favors: i found these adorable personalized alphabet coloring books.. tied them with a string, attached a bag of candy and finished them off with a balloon at the end. [lessons learned] don't buy personalized favors, even after RSVPing people decide to not show up and now I have coloring books with other kids names on them. Balloon, long string and a super windy day equal a jumbled mess of favors we had to untangle and untie!

The Plan was an alphabet scavenger hunt.. I bought a few sets of foam letters and set up a sand station, ball pit and water station and hid the alphabets.

The Cake, I bought a chocolate cake with white butter cream frosting from Wegmans and to all those who say nay to a grocery store bought cake.. I was one of you and then I discovered Wegmans and their not too sickly sweet perfect cakes. And I bought a set of sugar alphabets so D could do the decorating himself.

The Party.

 Blowing Out the Candles

The End:

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Unknown said…
Oh my goodness, that looks like such a fun party, and I love how you incorporated the theme!
Rebecca said…
That looks like a fun party!
The party looked like to turned out great. 26 imaginary friends hahaha.

Allie of ALLIE NYC
Jane said…
SO CUTE! Happy belated birthday to D!
Looks like a fun filled party!
Stefanie said…
Love his curls. Glad he had the best birthday.
Happy Birthday D!
A fun theme. ou put a lot of work into the party.
Blowing out the candles...looks like H wants a hat as well. Adorable photo
Anvilcloud said…
It seems like a very purposeful and educational birthday party.
Loulou said…
So cute! Happy birthday Little D.
two birds said…
How fun! I love that he loves the alphabet so much...it's a different theme than so many other kids would choose and I love that!
Jessica said…
I love the scavenger hunt idea! I bet the kids love it.

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
Darcy said…
Aww how exciting!! What a fun theme for a party, too!
What fun! It looks like a great party. The teacher in my loves that he picked the alphabet party. Wonderful!!!
I had to laugh at your Wegman's comment. We don't have them here, and I have two California friends who have moved East and are now enjoying Wegmans. That's all I hear about anymore. Wegmans this and Wegmans that. It sounds like Disneyland for adults!?!?! :)
Veronica Lee said…
Looks like a wonderful party! Love the pics.
Happy Birthday, Little D!
Care said…
parrrrty time! such fun- love the pics! happy bday lil one:)
I love the alphabet scavenger hunt - and it looks like they all had a lot of fun!!
Kelsey Bang said…
oh my goodness! what a blast! this party looks like so much fun!
Cam & Sarah said…
Happy Birthday D! My daughter London is a June birthday as well. Planning outdoor parties do have their surprises!
Frannie Pantz said…
OMGosh kids birthday parties are so fun!
sugarlens said…
Such a great party! Is this in your backyard? I love summer birthdays because you get to have the parities outside. Unfortunately, my kids were born in March and November.

Happy birthday to your big 4 year old!
how fun!! Love the alphabet hunt. That is cute. Cute theme. Noted about the personalized favours!
Anonymous said…
Oh how sweet!!!! What a great job :) That hat on him is just adorable.
2justByou said…
The party looks like lots of fun! I love the alpha scavenger hunt idea. I bet they all had a great time with that. =0)

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