Woodland Friends

With the new house came deer..  they just wander in, hang out, catch up on the latest deer news and wander right back out. They scare easy so I have yet to manage a good picture.. but I'm not giving up! Along with the deer we have squirrels and chipmunks and last week I think I saw a beaver? It was brown, fuzzy and too far to tell.. but we don't have a river near by and I thought they lived near water to you know build their dams.. oh and I spotted some hummingbirds too!
M and I are still amazed by every deer we spot.. D is less impressed.. he either instructs them to 'go there'.. pointing to some random location or tries to invite them in to share his breakfast.. 

So in honor of my new woodland neighbors.. 

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  1. Wow, nice links, Hena.
    I have to go shopping now. lol

  2. How fun that you can see woodland animals at your house. I wish we lived somewhere that we could! :-)

  3. Thanks for including my little cake topper on your cute blog!

  4. love the parachuting Squirrel amazing xxx

  5. The squirrel cards are really cute. Woodchucks {groundhogs} look like beavers with tiny tails so perhaps that is what you saw?

  6. So cute!! All these woodland creatures remind me of fall. Hope you are enjoying some cool weather!

  7. The tiny kiwi creations are lovely!


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