Let the Fun Begin

Here's comes one of the most fun events.. there is music and dancing and just an overall good time. This is also one of those extra events, not everyone makes it part of their wedding. It is obviously an extra cost, but it also requires a lot of hard work. When I say dance, there is not a lot of free dancing but more of pre-prepared dances requiring weeks of rehearsal, enough people having the time and skill to participate so on and so forth. And the guest get to sit back and enjoy. :)

 Here comes the bride

My brother and sister in law

My Parents

 A picture where D is smiling.. how can this one not be an immediate fav!

A few of my girls.. friends over 15 years and still going strong :)

The groom joins in on the fun..

The kinda guy who wears sunglasses indoors and at night.. lol 


Just one more event to go.. and then we're off to Turkey.

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  1. Beautiful photos and such great experience. Everyone looks so happy! x


  2. Your family looks great and so happy. This is some amazing event!

  3. Gorgeous! Love those photos of D! So cool with his sunglasses;)

  4. You have a handsome family.
    I'm so glad to see what wonderful wedding celebrations there are for the happy couple to begin their married life.

  5. Beautiful wedding! Im glad you had fun, this looks like a lot of fun with friends and family.


  6. Beautiful pictures.

    Happy Friday!


  7. i love the picture of your family where d is smiling! precious! these wedding pictures and the stories behind them are beautiful.

  8. ah, these are such lovely photos! x

  9. I loved this entire series posts about the wedding. The pics are great.



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