Istanbul: Day One

We arrived a little after noon and since it was time to check in just yet we decided to take a stroll and eat a light lunch. We found Albura Kathisma. The complimentary balloon like bread with olives, a grilled cheese salad for me and a spinach crepe for M. 

Then we continued our stroll headed towards the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia

Unfortunately, with the blessing of travel also comes the chance of becoming jaded.. and I am sad to say that we are jaded. Standing inside two of what are to be some of the most beautiful mosques in the world.. we looked at each other and thought.. hmm nice. Did You Know: The Blue Mosque was the inspiration for the building of Mohammad Ali's Mosque in Cairo. They were built by the same architect.

Next stop.. the Basilica Cistern

Followed by a dessert break.. how could we not? The beautiful and delicious, creamy white and green pistachio rice pudding.. We found this treat at the Hafiz Mustafa sweet shop on our way to the Grand Bazaar.

After perusing the many many pretty things.. we headed back towards the Blue Mosque area and slipped into one of the side streets for dinner. We ate at the Mozaik Restaurant.. a delectable lamb and vegetables cooked in parchment for me and a lamb and plum stew for M.

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Cam & Sarah said…
All that food looks so delicious - you're making me hungry!
Jennifer Hays said…
Wow, the food in this post! You ate well in Istanbul.
Krugthethinker said…
Ah, the food all looks so glorious! You're making me miss it for sure. We actually didn't go the the Cistern, hope it was cool!
Jane said…
beautiful pictures. Albura Kathisma looks so so delicious!! Istanbul is a wonderful place!
Hilary said…
Wonderful architecture and food! I know how easy it is to become jaded.. it's usually when you're on overload. You so so many beautiful things that you can't just focus on the wonder of one or two things. You become complacent. Good thing you have these terrific photos. I'm drooling over that dessert!
gorgeous shots
Xo, Megan,
Beautiful photographs!

My eyes became larger when I saw the pistachio rice pudding. Its on my grocery list, and my thoughts in a bowl that big.
Anonymous said…
ohh grilled cheese salad??? OMG mmmmmmm!!!
Oh my gosh the FOOD! Must you tease me!?
You had me at grilled cheese salad!!
Turkey is on my bucket list. The Blue Mosque is so beautiful in pictures, I must see it some day. And NOW, the grilled cheese salad? I'll have to live vicariously through you until I get there...someday!
j said…
Yum! The food looks delicious.
Caroline said…
Goodness, the food! Looks insanely good!
Susannah said…
What amazing food and gorgeous locations. I think I need to travel with you! :-)
Janika R. said…
Love that pudding and those locations Dear. Hope you had good time there.
beina said…
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
You made my day!
I want to visit Instabul!
It looks special!!!
Laura Jones said…
i'd love to visit istanbul! and it looks like you're having such a good time there! x

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