The First Event: My Brother's Wedding

I wore this outfit in one of the events at my own wedding (yes we re-wear)

The intricate details of the embroidery.  

 The happy couple (the one and only time men wear jewelry except for a ring)

 My dad with my great uncle

 My mother and my great aunt pretty in pink.. the last surviving great anything on either side of the family. 

D trying very hard to avoid having a picture taken

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  1. You all look beautiful!
    Congratulations to the Handsome Happy Couple!

  2. Congratulations to your family! You look beautiful, your outfit is just gorgeous and so detailed. I'm glad you had the chance to wear it again.

  3. Those fabrics are just so beautiful - I can understand why you do re-wear. Both you and the bride look beautiful.

  4. You look so gorgeous, and so does the happy couple! So glad you were able to go, and can't wait to see more pictures!

  5. Everyone looks beautiful. The intricate patterns and colors are just wonderful. Was the wedding the reason for your trip?

  6. embroideries are lovely. there's something about weddings that makes me smile :)

  7. The embroidery is beautiful! Congratulations to your brother!

  8. you looks so beautiful in that outfit! and everyone else is looking lovely too:-) x

  9. Hi Hena...Great Pictures. Hope you enjoyed a lot in the wedding. Your outfit is great.

  10. Great pictures Hena. Hope you enjoyed a lot in your brother's wedding.

    Cheers, Janaki

  11. The swirls of the embroidery are so graceful.


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