Hot Mess!

We have made it through thirteen days and onto our fifth event.. the groom's event.. so as the hosts this was a particularly long hot day.. and by the end of it I was just a mess. There are a lot of formalities that take place on this day.. the event had over a thousand invitees..

I started out like this.. you can already see the tired eyes.. this too was an outfit worn during my own wedding.. It and I looked so much better that day. 

 D is mischievous self

 The happy and I must add stunningly radiant couple

One of my favorite pictures.. 

Five down two more to go..

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  1. You look gorgeous any day. Beautiful photos.
    Stunning plus stunning happy couple

  2. You are looking radiant there. love your dress dear.

  3. You are looking radiant. Love your dress dear.

  4. WOW, how gorgeous! You look absolutely beautiful, and I love love love getting to see a little bit of all the events. 1,000 guests! Oh my gosh! I am sure that kept you plenty busy! Also, I love the D pictures! So adorable!

  5. You still look beautiful but I do have to say that pink on the bride is stunning!

  6. It has been so interesting to watch the progression through these events. I think you look beautiful and that outfit is so gorgeous. D looks so cute, like a little prince!

  7. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Beautiful couple AND Beautiful Photographer!!

  8. 1000 people? WOW! Hope you are having fun!

    Corinne x

  9. Haha D always has that "I'm going to cause trouble" look! Totally cracks me up.

  10. You look beautiful both ways! I love the pictures, very lovely.

  11. 1000 attened! You hosted! OMG you deserve a pat on the back or a medal! Amazing!


  12. 1000 is so many people! I can't believe all the work you all put into it. Your outfit is very pretty and D looks adorable!


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