It's Been A Week

It's been a week.. though it seems like a lot more.. I had almost forgotten just how intense the heat here could be. My parents are at the tail end of renovations in there home.... so you can imagine the chaos.

 We had a pretty decent.. 19 something hours flight.. though the fact that D threw up two hours before landing was no fun.. gross.

 He made a friend

 Meeting my mother's parrot. An interesting bond they are forming.. D is just scared enough of him as to not touch him or pull it's tail.. but brave enough to steal his toys and tease him... the parrot is cautious for now.. questioning his expendability.. but a few more weeks of a crazy toddler.. not sure how much more he'll be able to take it. 

 Teaching his grand father and great grand father the in's and out's of an iPhone.. 

 Fruit Stand

 Shopping for some clothes.. 

Bold prints and patterns. 

I hate posing for pictures. The fashion here is as evolutionary as any where else.. the last time I was here it was all about short and fitted kameezes (top) and now it's all about long and loose.. 

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  1. That picture of little D with his grandpa and great grandpa is a treasure!

  2. Fab prints on your tunics!

  3. I echo Cheltz, the photo of your little boy with his grandpa and great grandpa really is so lovely!

  4. I love your kameeze. Your photos are great. My mother has a parrot too; only my older child has had a chance to meet him, but he was really fascinated.

  5. the picture of your little one teaching grandpa and great grandpa the ins and outs of the iphone is precious!

  6. We visit a pet store with the most obnoxious parrot. But my kids love him nonetheless :)

  7. awe reminds me of my litto ones ;) cutest kiddies ever! xO!


  8. You look different in your new kameez...nice

  9. I love your son with his granddads, just precious!

  10. Great photos and love your colorful outfit - looks great on you!


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