30 Days to Take Off

Yup it's that time of year again when we start to pack our bags and head off on another adventure. But this trip is going to be different.  Which is why I have been prepping for it way more that 30 days before take off.  We're going home.

The trip will start with just D and I and we'll be gone for a few months.. spending time with grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles and great uncles and aunt.. seriously our family is huge.. and not to forget cousins.. and so many other people. And towards the end of the trip M will join us to attend my little brothers wedding. 

So I am making lists, buying presents, cooking and freezing meals so the M doesn't starve nor has to resort to take out every night. And while I'm excited I find being away from M for so long extremely difficult..and M finds being away from D for so long extremely difficult. 

But I haven't been home in two years.. I last saw my mom and brother 6 months ago.. my dad almost two years ago.. people who live in the same state.. same county as their parents..and family you have no idea how lucky you are.

And so the countdown begins.. 

and don't forget to swing by Penelope's Pad for the sweet and personal interview she did about me and parenting..

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  1. Oh how very exciting!!! I hope we will still be able to hear from you while you're away! <3

  2. awe so exciting! and i love that photo! def gonna pin u soon! xO!


  3. All the best for your journey. And nice interview with Penelope. Read it just now. Baby Hena is too cute.


  4. So exciting for you. My mom moved down the block from me about 4 years ago. Before that we lived here for 6 years with no family around. I love having family so close by!

  5. I'm so excited for you to get so much time with family--you must be thrilled! Have a great time!

  6. Oh wow! What a great trip you will have. I'm the same with trip planning...lists and lists. Somehow I still manage to forget something even with all the lists.

  7. How exciting! It's so hard being away from family - I miss mine so much and now that I've moved back from London they're only an hours flight away.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  8. You get to go home, yayyy!! My husband hasn't been home for 2.5 years and counting. His heart breaks to see his family. I sympathize with you and I'm so excited for you!!
    xoxo J

  9. Thanks for the interview, Hena! It turned out great! And how exciting for you and the boys to be going home soon!

  10. Lucky you going home to see the family!

    I'm so glad my parents don't live too far away from me. However, my grandmother lives in India along with lots other relatives including cousins, aunties, uncles, I have a pretty huge family too, ha!

    Have fun lovely!


  11. It must be very exciting for you. My family lives in another country too, so seeing them is always amazing!

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  12. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Please update with photos on your blog! :)

  13. I totally understand, my family is and have always been dispersed throughout the world. It's been a long time since all of us have actually been under one roof. I'm so happy and very excited for you and your trip. Safe travelling and wishing you the best! xx/Madison :)

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog, this trip sounds so exciting...have a wonderful time with your family!

  15. Have a great trip! I hope you enjoy seeing everyone.

  16. I will miss you too....specially when i have to do things by myself :)

  17. From the other side, I look forward to see you and D soon. I'm sure your trip home, and the wedding will be amazing.
    Poor M will have to fend for himself for a little while on his own.

  18. That is amazing. People underestimate how lovely a trip home is. I hope you have fun and get lots of hugs and kisses!

  19. hope you will have a great trip, it must be lovely for you to see everyone after such a long time! x

  20. This is real and very true. It happens in every house. Thanks for the post.


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