To Ms. T from D

With D's first year of play school came another first, his first teacher's gift. I couldn't think of anything cuter than something made by him. So we cut out a pair of trees and a pair of stars out of cardboard and brought out the paints.

I glued the two pieces together with some yellow pipe cleaner for the loop. Next came the card. We put away the paints and brought out some markers. We made two. 

While playing with some food coloring and a paper napkin I thought strips of the napkin would be perfect to get the cards a more finished look. Don't they look pretty?

I placed the card and ornament in a clear organza bag along with a candy cane. :) What do your kids make gifts for their teachers? Or do you buy a present? At what age does handmade stop being cute? 

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annechovie said...

what a thoughtful gift!

To The River said...

In my case handmade stop being cute when I was around 13 due (insanity of adolescence I guess:)) and than my love for handcrafting renewed again around 20. Now, they don't even compete, they just tell more;)

s said...

wowie!! too cool! xO!

zhanna said...

He is so cute!! I love handmade gifts!! They are so much more personal!!

MILEX said...

love everything here

Unknown said...

That is so adorable. He's an artist in the making :)

shakeshakee said...

Ah super cute! Look at that smile on his face :)!


Ileana said...

These are so adorable!
Will make perfect memories ^^


Justina said...

Awh, how cute!!

Presents woo! Win some new swag in my Four Days Of Christmas giveaways!

Outside Looking In said...

How cute!!!

Unknown said...

awwww! What an artist!! He is so cute, and great ornaments :)

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

He's pretty cute! :)

j said...

I don't have an answer to your question but D making the gift is adorable!

I hope you have a great time looking at the windows.

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